Leighton Smith slams the climate fraudsters

Leighton Smith has always been of the few out there calling out the fraud that is climate change. His recent column on the topic has led to Greg Presland at The Standard calling for him to be attacked for daring to have a different view, the commenters of course all pile in and plenty of them are demanding he be silenced. Such is the tolerant left.

The column they are ranting about isn’t even that long, In fact Greg Presland wrote more words against the column that are actually in it: Quote:.

The story in the news today about Wellington council discussing climate change.

This is a feel good group think little get together, as they are all are.

It is not a matter of if the climate is changing, it is a matter of what is causing it.

Is it natural? Is it within normal variability? Every indication tells us it is.

So what is causing it? Is it you or is it the cows? No, it’s not.

There is no evidence, only guess work and modelling, there is just no proof and they are far from it.

?Leighton every time I hear fake news on climate change I feel like screaming.?

Ian says how the hell do we let minority groups like the Greens have so much influence?

How can an average citizen like me push back on all this BS?

I live for the day we live can yell at the ‘man made’ climate change types?I TOLD YOU SO!

We just have to keep beavering away, inform yourself, arm yourself and share your knowledge and you will find plenty of people won’t want to know.

Climate Change is another one of those topics being shoved down our throats by a rather small group of people who are amplified by the woke left and other assorted wombles like flea lawyer Greg Presland.

Not a single prediction? of these supposedly brilliant scientists has ever come true. Their modelling is flawed, perhaps even based on a fraud. The whole scam is a fraud on society.