Lysenko in drag

Caption: A transgender activist dealing with inconvenient scientific research.

In the old days of the Soviet Union, when rabid Marxists were confronted with a scientific fact that contradicted their fruit-loop theories, they?d just denounce it as ?bourgeois science?, ban the research, and mercilessly attack the researchers and destroy their careers.

These days, they?well, do pretty much the same thing. They just don?t send scientists to the gulags any more. Quote:

An Ivy League college is embroiled in a row with trans activists over an article which suggested gender dysphoria was spreading among children.

Brown University has removed research from its website which hypothesised that teenagers who came out as transgender were more likely to have friends who were transitioning and were influenced by YouTube videos and social media. End of quote.

Social contagion, ?the spread of ideas, attitudes, or behaviour patterns in a group through imitation and conformity?, is a well-attested phenomenon. It?s why, for instance, journalists are heavily constrained in reporting suicides. Highly-publicised suicides lead to a wave of imitations.

Hypocritically, the left like to beat their chests that they are ?pro-science?; yet, when scientific research contradicts their loony ideologies, they are rabid in attacking the science. Quote:

Academics accused the university of bowing to pressure from activists after it removed a news article and link to Lisa Littman’s research. A tweet promoting the paper has also been deleted.

The research concluded “social and peer contagion” was a plausible explanation for “cluster outbreaks” and a high number of cases where the majority of children in a friendship group became “transgender-identified”. End of quote.

Spurious complaints about ?methodology? are a mere fig-leaf for the real issue: findings like this are a fatal blow to transgender ideology.

A statement from Bess H. Marcus, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, said that?”The School of Public Health has heard from Brown community members expressing concerns that the conclusions of the study could be used to discredit efforts to support transgender youth and invalidate the perspectives of members of the transgender community,” she added.

That may well be true. It also doesn?t matter. Facts are facts, and they don?t give a tinker?s about anyone?s ?perspective?.

Just like the Lysenkoists of the old Soviet Union, the denouncers attack scientific findings purely on the basis of politics. Quote:

The announcement was made after critics raised concerns about the political stance of the 256 parents who participated in the study?Comments on the article, which was published in journal PLOS ONE, describe the sites as “politically bent websites” which hold a “variety of anti-LGBT stances common to the religious right”. End of quote.

This is a common, baseless charge perpetrated by Queer Theory mavens desperate to denounce anything that might discredit their nutty beliefs. Quote:

Transgender Trend said: “Desperate attempts to undermine Lisa Littman’s important #ROGD study include defamation of the websites where parents were recruited, including the ridiculous claim that Transgender Trend is ‘far right’ and wants to ‘criminalise’ medical transition. We are not and we don’t.” End of quote.

In fact, the research demolished the very basis of the tranny lobby?s bogus objections. Quote:

Dr Littman’s paper?adds that survey questions indicated [interviewees] had a similar level of support for the rights of transgender people as the rest of the population.

James Caspian, a psychotherapist who specialised in gender identity for over a decade, and who is fundraising for a legal case against Bath Spa University for blocking his research into people who decide to de-transition last year, said: “In a way mine was censored in anticipation of being criticised, it would appear that this has been attacked after it’s been done, by people whose agenda it doesn’t suit.” End of quote.

Partisan dingbats are setting a dangerous trend of bludgeoning ideas they don?t like into non-existence. Political scientist Bruce Gilley?s paper, The Case for Colonialism, was a legitimate, peer-reviewed, academic paper. Yet cry-bully ideologues forced its complete un-personing. This is a perilous development in academia.

Criticism of papers is fair enough. In fact, the most interesting scientific debate happens after papers have been published. But they must be published.

Forcing research into the Memory Hole, just because it might make some weirdo in a dress have a fit of the screaming mee-mees, is dangerous anti-intellectualism. Science is founded on free inquiry: the absolute freedom to interrogate reality, regardless of where that leads. The destructive tantrums of ?transgender? activists, and Marxists, in general, are profoundly damaging to science, and academic inquiry in general.

Marxist fruitcakery destroyed biological research in the Communist world and sent it on a downward spiral from which it has never fully recovered. Today, Marxists are vigorously white-anting the very foundations of science itself with reckless disregard.