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Six Months Stats of Farm Murders in South Africa

Data captured between 1st January 2018 to 30th of June 2018 (only six months), and no this is not right-wing propaganda.

While the United Nations intellectually debates if Israel has a right to exist, if Syria actually does use chemical weapons on its own people, if Hamas is an organisation of peace and Israel the actual aggressors, if North Korea is really incarcerating its own people in the Gulags, if Myanmar state troops are really-really throwing Rohingya babies alive into fires while their mothers are forced to watch, we have young uneducated rogues killing farmers in South Africa whom they believe stole their land…….ironically land that never belonged to them or even their forefathers.

It’s not good enough ‘just to murder’, so they ‘go the whole hog’ and force each member of the family to watch the entire process. If you refuse to watch they slice off your eye lids and force you to watch. Suffering gives them a big thrill! They dont mind being caught, sitting for five years is no big deal, and laugh about it while being lead to their cells. Big heros of the struggle. Funny enough we knew this would happen and we were called racists.

In 25 years from now they will reflect on their shit-hole situation and still place blame on the whites. Albeit they will own the land (now unproductive), the gold reserves (now depleted), the mines (empty, also depleted), the military (on strike for more pay), the infrastructure (in dire need of refurb) and the list goes on.

Sadly, some of these idiots will become senior members in SA politics and perhaps elected to prestigious positions within the UN. These outstanding characters will determine the future of our modern democratic world. May God help all of us.

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