Marama Davidson goes feral again

Marama Davidson MP tweet

Marama Davidson opened her mouth and let the wind blow her tongue around – again.

She recently brought shame and ridicule to the Green party with her completely bizarre quest to reclaim the ?c? word.? We never did hear any sensible explanation for why anyone would want to reclaim the word, what that actually meant, nor how it was relevant to the Green party.? I think perhaps she just couldn?t resist the opportunity to show off her potty-mouth.

Co-leader of the Green party Marama Davidson models a Gunts Tee by Whaleoil.
Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker

This week, she has stepped it up a notch with this tweet directed at the company Sistema.? Quote:

Hearing from sistema workers today in 60 hours min wage with blistered hands and an elderly lady who has worked there for 25 years on minimum wage the whole time.? Pledged my support to stop this theft by employers.? End of quote.

Let?s start with the 60 hours. The Employment Relations Act says ?An employee is entitled to refuse to perform work in addition to any guaranteed hours specified in the employee?s employment agreement if the agreement does not contain an availability provision that provides for the payment of reasonable compensation to the employee for making himself or herself available to perform the work under the availability provision.?

That?s a very fancy way of saying no one can force you to work more hours that you want to if you?re not going to be paid for the extra hours.

The blistered hands were reported on the?30th July.??The union claimed that the company was not only failing its staff on pay rates but also health and safety. ?If the union has genuine concerns about health and safety, there is a process to follow for those concerns to be addressed.? I would hope that the union has done that, and has not waited 6 weeks for Ms Davidson to jump to the rescue and sort it all out with one tweet.

Next, there?s the elderly lady who has been working at Sistema for 25 years. My word, that?s a really really long time to stay loyal to a terrible employer. Or maybe it’s just that they are not that terrible at all.

Now to my favourite claim of all, that Ms Davidson has pledged her support to stop theft by employers.? Theft, now that’s a fascinating claim.

I consulted The Free Dictionary which defines theft as ?the unlawful taking of the property of another?.

These workers have a contract with Sistema who agrees to pay them minimum wage for doing a particular job.? Nobody is taking anything unlawfully from anyone.? They are just fulfilling a contract, that they agreed to. It is just insulting and defamatory to accuse Sistema of theft.

Where is James Shaw on this?? Just a reminder, because he seems to have vanished from view, that James is co-leader of the Green party.

Back to The Free Dictionary, it defines a leader as ?one who has influence or power, especially of a political nature.?

So James Shaw, Leader of the Green party, assuming you have influence and power, how do you feel about this accusation from Ms Davidson?? Do you think it is ok for Ms Davidson to accuse an employer of theft when there is no theft happening at all?

The Greens used to be a party that focussed their attention on the environment and campaigned for environmental causes like the Kermadec Sanctuary, Maui Dolphin sanctuary, and our freshwater resources.? All of which have been abandoned, forgotten about, sold out to the Labour Party and New Zealand First in exchange for the baubles of power.

The Green party can no longer be called an environmental party.? They have no leadership and no direction.? Who can genuinely support the rubbish that comes out of their mouths?

Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker