Massey University busted lying over Brash speech cancellation

Massey University Vice-Chancellor Professor Jan Thomas Photo credit: Massey University.
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David Farrar has busted Massey University and their Vice Chancellor, Jan Thomas, for lying over the cancellation of Don Brash’s speech. He writes: Quote:

Since the backlash over Vice-Chancellor??cancelling Don Brash?s speech to the Politics Society,??has trued to claim it had nothing to do with his views, and it was purely because of concerns over security.

Documents released under the OIA show this to be a blatant lie.

On the 9th of July at 10.37 am the Massey Manawatu Politics Club informed the VC of events with Don Brash, Simon Bridges and Chris Bishop. She was invited to attend as an observer. The invite said the structure is informal, more a one to one chat over the experiences and future aspirations of the politicians.

That same day at 4.05 pm the VC?s assistant tells the VC she isn?t free on any of those dates/times.

Jan Thomas replied:

She labels Brash as racist and asks what restrictions they have to stop him. She regards using university facilities as being tactic endorsement of his views (which is ridiculous) and states that a te tiriti led university can?t be seen to be endorsing racist behaviours.

She asks for advise on what they can do to manage or minimise.

The next day she again e-mails:

Here she asks for options on now allowing the event on campus. Again she labels Brash racist (for opposing race based seats!) and says she wants to cut it off at the pass somehow.

She ironically worries about media coverage if they ban Brash, which she did.

On the 11th of July a staffer says there are no grounds to say no:

So the staffer tells the VC that there are no grounds to decline the event and doing so would be seen as restricting?. She knew this and did it anyway!

The VC responds:

Here the VC ask for mechanisms that can be used to stop the event such as financial agreements with clubs and societies.

We also get an insight into their views in this e-mail from a staffer:

So this staffer thinks free speech is just a shield used by ?colonial racists? and ?conservative commentators?. Hunt that fascists down. They must be silenced.

And here we have the smoking bullet on 13 July:

Here the VC says allow Brash to speak will clash with the te Tiriti led ambition and affect their Maori colleagues. She asks if funding can be used to pressure the student associations. And she concludes:

She says explicitly she wants it stopped.

There is no doubt that Massey University is lying and treating us as fools when they now try and claim it was purely about security. They have become a university without integrity and without free speech.

And here she talks about refusing entry:

And all this is before any security issues were raised.

The OIA release shows that Massey University has leadership that is hostile to free speech and believes that anyone who has a view different to them on the Treaty of Waitangi has no place at Massey University.

Is this a university you want to study at?

Is this a university you want to donate money to?

Most of all the OIA release shows how dishonest they have been. It was always clear that the security concerns were a trojan horse. But these e-mails shows that the VC was determined to cancel the events weeks before any security issues were raised.

The Council of Massey University should be very concerned about the reputation of Massey. End quote.

Massey University tried to bury these bombshells in a release of more than 800 pages of documents. David Farrar has shown up the mainstream media by combing through them and revealing just how anti-free speech Massey University is.

I would expect the Free Speech Coalition to pursue their legal action now, and with vigour as it is obvious that the University has broken the law, especially the Education Act, in shutting down free speech. Worse still they are or were planning to actually put in place new rules and look at de-funding groups who don’t share their views.

The last observation that I would make after reading those emails is that it appears that Jan Thomas is functionally illiterate. Those emails barely make sense. How on earth did she even get the job, and why is she still there?


Full Massey University OIA release by Cam Slater on Scribd

Article from Kiwiblog republished with permission.