Meka the Muss scandal rolls on with leaked report

Digital image credit: Luke

Life is getting tough for Meka the Muss as the report into her workplace bullying has been leaked. The details aren’t pretty as leaked to the NZ Herald: Quote:

The incident involving former Government minister Meka Whaitiri and a staff member allegedly left bruising to the upper right arm of the staffer and photos of bruises were produced to the inquiry, a draft report leaked to the Herald shows.

The incident occurred because Whaitiri was unhappy at not having been alerted to a photo opportunity at a media standup with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern during a lunch break at a function in Gisborne. End quote.

Shoved and dragged outside because her boss missed a photo opportunity? One can only imagine what might have happened if she hadn’t cooked Meka some eggs, eh Paula??Quote:

The staffer originally told the inquiry that Whaitiri had pinched her arm but changed that to grabbed.

?It was hard and it scared the living daylights out of me,? she said.

In other parts of her evidence, she said: ?She was definitely angry, and was definitely mad that I had screwed up. It scared me a lot and I didn?t want to return to that [work environment].? End quote.

One week on the job and she gets bruises and wants to quit. That is some pretty bad workplace bullying going on there from a member of the party that touts itself as the party of the workers.
If a National MP, or indeed a bloke MP had assaulted a staffer, Labour would be demanding their immediate resignation from Parliament. The unions would be issuing stroppy press releases demanding the same. Labour’s hypocrisy is astonishing and the silence of their online cheerleaders appalling.