Melbourne is not the Congo

Caption: Facts are hate-speech.

When psychiatrist Bettina Arndt spoke at Melbourne?s La Trobe university, to debunk the conventional wisdom of a ‘rape crisis’ on Australian campuses, the reaction was immediate and furious.

First, administrators tried to ban the event altogether. When it finally did go ahead, brain-dead student protesters, from the Victorian Socialists naturally, repeatedly tried to disrupt the talk but refused to engage in any dialogue.

Probably because they know that their position is simply wrong: There is no ‘rape crisis’ on Australian campuses, nor does a ‘rape culture’ exist in mainstream Australian society. Quote:

The fashionable explanation today is the idea that crimes against women are a cultural phenomenon. Prominent feminist Clementine Ford writes in The Age: ?Sexual violence and homicide might be the extreme end point of it, but the spectrum they sit on stretches right back to ?harmless? casual sexism, the rape ?jokes? and threats that proliferate online and the attitude expressed towards women on a daily basis by groups of men who?ve been socialised to view themselves as superior. These toxic behaviours don?t manifest one day out of nowhere. They are cultivated.? End of quote.

This is utter bunkum, of course. But then, Clammy?s education only covered such academic make-believe as ‘women?s studies’, so it?s not unexpected that her grasp of facts and logical argument are so deficient. Her inculcation in academic misandry possibly goes some way to also explaining the violent, abusive intolerance frequently demonstrated by her social media excretions. Quote:

There is no evidence that links the telling of jokes to sexual assault or murder. On the contrary, in the psychiatric literature, losing one?s ability to laugh (anhedonia) is a recognised sign of psychopathology, and a general sense of humour is considered healthy.

The fashionable idea that all men are somehow responsible for a culture of rape and violence is not supported by the evidence either. Crimes in general, including crimes against women, are committed overwhelmingly by a minority subset of the general population. In Sweden, for example, a population-based study that looked at more than two million people from 1975 to 2004 found that only 1 per cent of the population were responsible for 63.2 per cent of all crimes recorded ? nearly twice as many as the other 99 per cent combined. That?s a tiny percentage of the population responsible for the vast majority of offending. End of quote.

An inability to grasp such basic statistical nuances is nothing new for the left. The fact, for instance, that a group comprising about 0.1% of Melbourne?s population is nearly 90 times more likely to commit violent robberies means nothing to them. Quote:

The same holds true for sexual assault?The fact is that recidivist offenders are responsible for the vast bulk of all crimes. End of quote.

Feminists would have us accept without question the risible notion that university campuses are as dangerous as the Congo, where rape is used as a weapon of war. Journalists at the taxpayer-funded leftist collective, the ABC, babble obvious ridiculous claims such as that violence against women is an ?accepted part? of Western civilisation, in defiance of all evidence. But, once again, the evidence is kryptonite to these indoctrinated ninnies. Quote:

The idea that our culture condones violence against women is farcical. There are no sympathetic portrayals of rapists or wife-?abusers in films, TV shows or in most of the Western canon. On the contrary, films often revolve around a plot of revenge where a morally depraved figure who has harmed a woman receives his just deserts. There are no cultural artefacts that glorify rape and, contrary to the accusations of some feminists, men who abuse or exploit women generally are held in contempt by other men.

Crimes against women are stigmatised and punished harshly. Sexual offenders generally are given lengthy prison sentences and are secluded from other prisoners precisely because the crime is so reviled ? even in ?prison. End of quote.

None of this matters, of course. It?s how people ? people on the left, or in their favoured intersectional victim-groups, naturally ? feel that matters. And what they feel, increasingly, is a virulent hatred of all things male and white. Quote:

In this world of identity politics, individuality is subsumed into the collective?This regressive world view has no qualms about ascribing collective guilt to entire groups of people. But ascribing collective guilt strikes at the very heart of our understanding of justice and liberty. End of quote.

But it is integral to leftist thinking. Collectivism led to the murders of tens of millions in Communist regimes. Today, it festers on, in such ludicrous ideas as ?white privilege?.