Memories of cows4me

Well, it has been 8 months since we lost one of our most valued commenters.

cows4me brought a raw and honest conversation (really starting to hate that word) to the comments section of this website for the many years during which he was an active participant.

To honour him….. well I guess it goes without saying has been difficult to choose the right time and way to do so and with the recent introduction of commenter of the week I believe we have found the best place to do it.

Next Sunday the tireless Christie will undertake the very humbling task of compiling a cows4me COTW (commenter of the week) special in which we at Whaleoil will honour him to coincide with the very farmer orientated daylight saving change.

I would like to ask YOU commenters who have memories to share stories, links to comments or just state how reading his comments affected you so that we may be able to use them as part of our tribute for our favourite Taranaki farmer.

Please don’t use this post as a place to say “miss you cows”. Please save that for next Sunday if you don’t mind.