‘Meth-hysteria’: Time for some balance

Gleaning over the often-rich pickings of General Debate on returning home a couple of nights ago I was alerted by commenter William Felt to a rare and unusual thing; a good article up on Stuff providing balance to the ‘meth-hysteria’ debate. It really is a hellish good read…Quote:

How many news scribes bothered to read Housing New Zealand’s (HNZ) methamphetamine contamination report last week, before rushing to join the feeding frenzy of condemnation? end quote.?

Good point. Following the author’s advice, I too read the HNZ report and found myself agreeing with Mike Yardley, the Stuff opinion-writer: “Why are we frittering away big bucks on compensation?” As pointed out by Yardley; his colleagues have obfuscated the reality and lambasted HNZ unfairly: Quote:

Hundreds of these tenants were already breaching other aspects of their tenancy agreements, like unpaid rent, vandalism and engaging in unlawful behaviour.?end quote.

For example (from the report)

I also found myself in agreement with Yardley over the promotion of the poster-girl for the victims of HNZ’s jack-booted minions. Quote:

Remember the 87-year-old pensioner who was forced out of her rental of 60 years? […] paraded last week as a prime victim of HNZ’s bogus testing. End quote.

Not only did HNZ rehouse her and pay the moving costs, but her rental recorded?an off-the-charts meth reading of 22.5ug/100cm2. And that followed the tenant’s son arranging for the property to be commercially cleaned?before?testing. There had also been a firearms incident at the place. She also received an apology.

Some might say poor Rosemary’s son must be a very fine fellow, arranging for that cleaning before the tests were carried out on his Mum’s home, others would say that’s a sure sign of culpability. I would not disparage Rosemary, reminded by Bill Shakespeare that “Good wombs have borne bad sons.” As to the wee firearms ‘incident’, surprise, surprise the son is front and centre again, as it was his bedroom on the receiving end: “I heard these four; bang, bang, bang, bang. Four shots, like that” Rosemary, said.

Crikey; four shotgun shells discharged through a domestic bedroom window is but an ‘incident’ when reporting on the ‘meth-hysteria’. I think the headline Stuff’s original report carried was far more accurate: Quote:

86-year-old’s?shotgun terror. End quote.

Well said; Mr Yardley, and good for you; Stuff, in providing balance to some (including your very own) misleading reportage surrounding the meth-contamination saga. All recommended reading. As for Rosemary, uhm…about that son of yours…can we have a chat?