More info emerges about Meka the Muss

Digital image credit: Luke

Amy Adams used parliamentary privilege to make further allegations about Meka the Muss: Quote:

Further allegations of assault have been flung at Labour’s Meka Whaitiri during a parliamentary debate.

National’s Amy Adams said?the Government hadn’t been straight with the public about the alleged incident involving her press secretary.

“The public of New Zealand?deserves to know if we have a?member laying hands on a staff member to the extent that they end up with bruising …you do not go around laying hands on people to the extent that it leaves bruising,” Adams said.

Adams used parliamentary privilege – a?legal immunity -?to level the allegations.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern fired Whaitiri last week, after seeing a Department of Internal Affairs report into an?incident in Gisborne in August.

Neither party have?confirmed what happened, but allegations of shoving have circulated.

Ardern said?a cut-down version of the investigation would?be released.?End quote.

I think Ardern means whitewash.

But seriously bruises? On a staff member? I suppose phone books are hard to come by these days.?Quote:

Speaker Trevor Mallard granted an urgent parliamentary debate into Whaitiri’s removal on Tuesday afternoon, shortly after Whaitiri’s return.

Adams said that would?be “sanitised” and the Government hadn’t been upfront about what happened. She also?questioned why?Whaitiri was fit to remain as an MP.

“We have heard no apology to the staff member … it’s all been about what’s fair to Meka?Whaitiri. What about that staff member who we now know has been left bruised?”

The Selwyn MP?said it made Labour’s commitments to openness and transparency?an “utter joke.” “This is one of the least transparent Government’s New Zealand has ever seen.”

She added: “We are seeing dodging,?weaving,?ducking.” End quote.

The hits keep on coming, all while the princess is virtue-signalling her way around the UN. She thinks she’s clever but other people around the world just think she is a silly, Kardashian-style little girl.