More leftist anti-Semitic hate at college campuses

Caption: Anti-semitism wearing the mask of “social justice” is rapidly becoming the norm on college campuses.

The most lasting literary visions of the future come from those writers who pay the most attention to the past and the present. George Orwell?s depiction of the ?Ingsoc?, Socialist England, retains its power because Orwell applied such unflinching scrutiny to socialist regimes of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.

Of the children of Ingsoc, Orwell wrote that ?Nearly all children nowadays were horrible. What was worst of all was that [?] they were systematically turned into ungovernable little savages [?] they adored the Party and everything connected with it?. Orwell?s observation was based not only on the Hitler Youth but groups like the Soviet Komsomol. In the 1960s, the student Red Guards were the perpetrators of the horrors of the Cultural Revolution.

Today, the indoctrinated young are leading another violent socialist revolution and, once again, Jews are a prime target. Quote:

A City University of New York (CUNY) administrator is demanding that the school protect him from a ?coordinated harassment and discrimination campaign? that has left him ?fearing for his life??Michael Goldstein claims he has experienced ?targeted harassment and discrimination? while working at the CUNY Kingsborough Community College (KCC) for being an ?outwardly observant Jew and Zionist? as well as a public supporter of President Trump. End of quote.

One of the first targets of the Nazis was Jewish academia. National Socialist students and faculty co-ordinated to drive Jews from all positions in the academy. Quote:

Goldstein, who has worked at KCC for over 20 years, says he has been harassed and targeted since February by members of an unsanctioned group of KCC faculty known as the Progressive Faculty Caucus (PFC)?.?Over the past year alone, Jewish faculty and staff members have filed five internal complaints against the PFC with CUNY administrators,? the letter states. End of quote.

As in the past, threats and violence against Jews are primary weapons of these socialist zealots. Quote:

The message, ?F**k Trump Goldstein. Kill Zionist Entity,? was written on an image of Goldstein?s late father?None of the other images of other former faculty members on the board were touched. End of quote.

When the Soviets instigated violent campaigns against Jews, they also used euphemistic language. ?Rootless cosmopolitans? was readily understood as meaning ?Jews?. Socialists today similarly pretend that they?re not talking about Jews when they fulminate against ?Israel? and ?Zionists?. Quote:

After multiple requests and wide media coverage, KCC honored the request for added security, but refused to investigate or classify the incident as a hate crime?Goldstein ?was moved from his office near the President?s Suite to a very remote ?temporary? trailer area,? was denied a program on the school?s radio station without explanation, and was removed from his role as Director of Communications and College Relations by an administrator who had allegedly questioned him in the past about his absence from work on Jewish holidays? End of quote.

Unsurprisingly, the anti-Semitic harrassment is germinating in the Marxism-dominated discipline of Sociology. Professors only take time out from spouting Queer Theory inanities to co-ordinate hateful anti-Jew campaigns on campus. Quote:

The letter identifies one woman, sociology professor Katia Perea, as a ?leader? of PFC who?allegedly filed numerous complaints with KCC Human Resources and Chief Diversity Office about Goldstein, accusing him of being ?anti-Muslim?, ?pro-slavery?, ?anti-trans?, and ?anti-gay.?

The letter also accuses Perea of distributing flyers on campus featuring ?vile, false allegations of racism? against Goldstein?the flyer included ?forged? images as well as a photograph of Goldstein?s 13 year-old daughter along with the statement, ?We will continue to expose those who express similar ideas.?

After the flyers were distributed, Goldstein reportedly had ?dozens? of them pushed under his office door, received numerous ?hang-up phone calls,? and had students ?peering? through his office windows and ?banging? on his door demanding to speak with him about his ?racist views?, ?hatred of women?, ?pro-slavery statements?, ?anti-Muslim views?, and ?anti-sexist views.? These incidents caused Goldstein to fear for his life? End of quote.

This might be dismissed as little more than the usual academic tomfoolery, were it not part of a wider trend. Everywhere in the West, Jews are being driven from public life. The British Labour party is rife with anti-Semitism. Jews are fleeing Europe in droves. Even in Australia, synagogues are denied planning permits, while mosques proliferate like a spreading fungus. Quote:

?The pervasively hostile environment for Jews at CUNY is only getting worse and is part of a larger, very disturbing trend…Throughout the US we are seeing campuses taken hostage by radical professors, students and faculty, whose goals are to silence, marginalize and harass Jews. This is not only illegal but a serious threat to our liberal democracy. End of quote.