More questions than applause

A video Whaleoil published on Tuesday that appears to be a VERY early election video by the Labour-led coalition government left viewers with more questions than applause according to commenter William Felt.

William put together a list of the ‘achievements’ the video promoted. I thought that I would take a closer look at these ‘achievements’ and divide them into different categories.

First up here are the Labour-led coalition government’s ‘achievements’ that aren’t achievements. Most of us would agree that completing and being awarded a degree, for example, is an achievement but that enrolling at the university to start a degree is not. Here is a list of so-called achievements?from the video that are equivalent to enrolling at a university to start a degree or to starting to dig with a spade.

Starting to dig with a spade.

Forty four? ‘achievements’ where NOTHING or little has actually been achieved yet.

  1. Committed to Net Zero Carbon Economy by 2050
  2. Committed to Child Poverty reduction targets
  3. Established Inquiry into Historic state abuse
  4. Established Pike River Recover Agency
  5. Began planting one Billion Trees
  6. Began Single Use plastic bag phase-out
  7. Invested in fixing hospitals
  8. Introduced legislation to make workplaces fairer
  9. Introduced healthy home guarantee
  10. A renewed commitment to Te Hiku _ Crown Social Accord
  11. Changing Work and Income culture
  12. Launched Child Wellbeing Strategy
  13. Started Work on Climate Commission
  14. Reviewing Rental legislation
  15. Announced Dunedin Hospital site
  16. Fixing the National Animal Tracking System
  17. Began the MycoPlasma Bovis Phased eradication
  18. Responding to Teacher shortage
  19. Introduced Medical Cannabis legislation
  20. Overhauling Meth Testing homes
  21. Proposals to create healthier homes
  22. Focused on road safety
  23. Research Transport technology
  24. Furthered Trade discussions with South America
  25. Investigated boosting Trans-Tasman exports
  26. Commenced EU Trade Talks
  27. Helping Canterbury homeowners resolve claims
  28. Introduced Crimes Amendment Bill
  29. Introduced Corrections Amendment Bill
  30. Reforming International Students Post Study Work Rights
  31. Began Fair Pay Agreements
  32. Established Future of Work Tripartite Forum
  33. Closing GST Loophole to Off-Shore Companies
  34. Discussing Innovation Partnership with Singapore
  35. Setting up Green Investment Fund
  36. Opened Consultation on Emissions Trading Scheme
  37. Protecting Our Kauri
  38. Launched ?Trade for All
  39. Agreed to Increase Police by 1800
  40. Supported a predator-free Capital city
  41. Opened consultation on Emissions Trading Scheme
  42. Set-up Interim Climate Change Committee
  43. Began Fair Pay Agreements
  44. Reforming International Students Post Study Work Rights

If spending money and giving away money is an achievement then the coalition government is doing really well. Here are 34 of their spending ‘achievements.’


  1. Introduced Winter Energy Payment to cover power bills
  2. Boosted development Aid for Pacific
  3. Extended Paid Parental leave
  4. Provincial Growth Fund rolling out
  5. Minimum wage increase
  6. Made First Year Tertiary Fees free
  7. Announced a record $16.9B Transport investment
  8. Made GP visits cheaper for 600,000 Kiwis
  9. Restarted superfund contributions
  10. Increased Orphans Benefit, unsupported child benefit, foster care allowance
  11. Reinstated independent earner tax credit
  12. Increased accommodation supplement and benefit
  13. Invested in new schools and classrooms
  14. Increased early childhood education and funding
  15. Boosted growing up in New Zealand study
  16. Increased Early Childhood Education funding
  17. Boosted learning support
  18. Approved funding for Middlemore
  19. Increased Student Allowances
  20. Boosted DHBS
  21. Supported Expansion of Auckland City Mission additional facilities
  22. Supported National Bowel Screening roll-out
  23. Invested Billions to rebuild infrastructure
  24. Boosted funding for DOC
  25. Helped Cyclone hit Tasman and Taranaki
  26. Improved Pension for Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau
  27. Boosted family Violence funding
  28. Boosted Growing up in New Zealand Study
  29. Purchased new Maritime Patrol aircraft for Royal NZ Airforce
  30. Doubled Places in Limited Service Volunteer Programme
  31. Announced Mental Health Workers Pay Equity
  32. Supported Community Midwives
  33. Extended Nurses in Schools
  34. Boost to MFAT?s Foreign Service

The next list of 11 ‘achievements’ are the kind that make me scratch my head. Since when was it an achievement to visit Waitangi for example or to start spending the surplus left by the previous government? Also, we EXPECT our governments to help when natural disasters strike surely?

  1. Our First Trip to Waitangi
  2. Stuck to Budget Responsibility Rules
  3. Running Healthy Surplus
  4. Stopped State house sell-off
  5. Stopped foreign ownership of kiwi homes
  6. Renewed commitment to Te Hiku _ Crown Social Accord
  7. Signed Nurses Joint Accord
  8. Supported Gisborne Flood victims
  9. Supporting Kaikoura after earthquake
  10. Helped Cyclone hit Tasman and Taranaki
  11. Widened Drought Support


Finally here are the 21?things they actually have achieved. I question whether destroying Charter schools that did so much for the very demographic that the Labour party claim to care about could ever be considered an achievement but they seem pretty thrilled about it.

  1. Banned letting fees
  2. Rolled out Emergency Winter Housing
  3. Built New Mental Health Facility
  4. Saved Nationwide School Stage Competition
  5. Scrapped Competitive Tertiary Funding
  6. Extended Teacher Education Refresh
  7. Ended?Charter schools experiment
  8. First Kiwibuild Ballot Opened
  9. Restarted New Zealand Forestry Service
  10. Replaced Plans for Waikeria Mega Prison
  11. Removing Travel Departure Cards
  12. Banned Microbeads
  13. Released Takahi into the wild
  14. Charged Tourists more than Kiwis for Great Walks
  15. Modernised Social Security
  16. Took action to tackle waste
  17. Protected Public Conservation Land
  18. Supported Farmers and Growers to Reduce Freshwater Impact
  19. Closing GST Loophole to Off-Shore Companies
  20. Added Employment to Reserve Bank Mandate
  21. Established Future of Work Tripartite Forum