More wasted money on road maggots from Auckland Council

Aside from the reported $23 million to $35 million cost, I see that the Grey Lynn and West Lynn types are complaining about their cycleway and the impacts on residents and the community during construction and the apparent lack of a solution for business parking. ?I would note that they also point to meagre usage with only six cyclists seen using the cycleway during a fine weekday during peak?7am-8am?and view that with regards to consultation, community input “had been pretty much ignored by AT.”? ?

We have many similar projects such as this in our community too. ?One is the Northcote Safe Cycle Route (NSCR) – a project that started life with a budget of a little over $4 million that last time I looked had an ‘Estimate at Completion’ of $18.694 million. ? I would say that potentially this is now higher again, but AT Board papers of late seem to not contain the financials they used to for whatever reason.

Other points I would note on the NSCR:

  • The reported 6 cyclists an hour in Grey Lynn far exceeds the ?usage on the NSCR, where 6 per day would be considered busy.
  • A significant part of the NSCR was already noted as a “route on quieter roads recommended by cyclists”, an opinion which I believe was arrived at by having AT pay the various bike lobby organisations for their input
  • Traffic speed along the part of the route that received some of the heaviest traffic calming measures was already an average 35km/hr prior to installation and had no history of injury to cyclists according to the NZTA CAS database.
  • Regarding public consultation, “One response from the local community included a petition containing 1400 signatures (this has been counted as one submission, but has been noted in the report in relevant sections).” ?1400 people noted their dissatisfaction, and it got counted as one.

So, in summary, No usage requirement, No meaningful consultation, and NO apparent budget oversight.

I would also note that $35 million is to refurbish the existing, just completed path, on existing roadways, this while the lobbyists believe that they can engineer Skypath -?a composite material structure cantilevered off an aging box girder bridge, across the harbour, some 43m over water for ‘only’ $67 million!