Newsroom publishes lazy leftist fake news

The great Theodore Dalrymple observed that, ?There is no racist like an antiracist: That is because he is obsessed by race?he looks at the world through race-tinted spectacles, interprets every event or social phenomenon as a manifestation of racism either implicit or explicit, and in general has the soul of a born inquisitor?. As it happened, Dalrymple was commenting on the foaming leftist rage against a cartoon by an Australian.

True to Dalrymple?s dictum, a New Zealand academic spouts a whole lot of very race-obsessed nonsense while denouncing imaginary racism. As it happens, the fetish object of the ?antiracist?s? obsessive outrage is again a cartoon by an Australian.

As it also happens, he promulgates long-debunked fake news in a lame attempt to demonise his subject. Quote:

An Australian cartoon depicting Serena Williams is the image of pathological, raging whiteness unable to deal with the legitimate demands of people of colour, argues the University of Auckland’s Dr Neal Curtis. End of quote.

That?s a whole lot of race-y sounding talk, coming from an ?antiracist?. Quote:

All it seems to say is that Serena Williams is a baby having a tantrum in order to get her own way. End of quote.

That is, indeed, all it says. The cartoonist himself has explicitly said so. Anything else is just a product of your race-obsessed imagination. Unfortunately, we live in an era where academics and the media feel entitled to decide what other people are thinking. It doesn’t want anyone says, these elites know you better than you do. Quote:

It also clearly taps into deep-rooted animosity to black people in white culture presenting her as a wild, raging ape. End of quote.

No, it doesn?t. If you look at a picture of a black woman throwing a tantrum (which she did), and see a ?wild, raging ape?, then the racist is you. Quote:

It obliterates the fact that she is one of the greatest athletes of all time. End of quote.

No, it doesn?t. The Mark Knight has openly said that she is a great athlete.

Incidentally, ?of all time? is a bit of a stretch. For all her boasting, Williams had her arse handed to her by a 200-seeded, smoking, boozing male player. She has refused a rematch and pretends not to even remember the occasion. Even in women?s tennis, she is still soundly beaten out by Margaret Court.

Still, Neale isn’t done with the idiotic hyperbole. Quote:

It completely erases how hard she fought to survive childbirth and within a few months be back in Grand Slam finals. End of quote.

What is this clown even talking about? Super-rich women in America do not ?survive? childbirth. Williams had her baby in a swanky hospital in the ultra-elite enclave of Palm Beach. She didn?t exactly squeeze it out, with no anaesthesia, under a baobab tree in the sweltering African sun.

He also repeats the canard that Knight: Quote:

rendered her hair fully blonde, when in reality it is black with bleached tips, and presents it in a very visible pony tail hanging over the back of her visor. Why has he done this? End of quote.

Caption: Naomi Osaka looking more than a bit blonde.

Because that?s exactly what her hair looked like. Knight didn?t draw it ?fully blonde?, he faithfully drew it exactly as it was. If Neal?s vision wasn?t so hampered by his race-goggles, he might have actually noticed this.

But, having capered and cavorted in the racist fairy-land of leftist race-obsession, Neal then dances right on over to spouting fake news lies. Quote:

The cartoon was published in a right-wing newspaper?in a country where even the centre is scarred by white supremacism; where the First Peoples of that country?not very long ago were categorised as part of the country?s flora and fauna. End of quote.

This is not just a baseless calumny: it?s an utter lie. The ?flora and fauna? meme was debunked long ago, even by the very left-wing ABC television network. It only survives on social media because numb-nut leftists are too lazy and venal to bother fact-checking their prejudices. An ?academic? should at least do a skerrick of research before spouting fake news and race-baiting lies.

But no leftist fake news diatribe is complete without a bone-headed reference to the Evil Orange Trump-Monster. Quote:

this is an image that captures the white fear that gave us Donald Trump. End of quote.

Williams had her baby in the hyper-exclusive community of Palm Beach. As late as the 1990s, Palm Beach?s elite clubs were discreetly closed to ?the negroes?. Guess who forced them to desegregate? None other than one Donald J. Trump.

It?s bad enough the race-baiting academics obsessively peddle their own, weird brand of racism and delusion, while self-righteously screeching at the ?deplorable? hoi polloi. But is it too much that they at least try and do even the most cursory research before spreading fake news?