Not the usual nanny state intervention

Caption: If this doesn’t get our visa fast-tracked, nothing will. Photoshopped image credit: Lushington.

Unlike today?s ?no arrest?, PC PCs, coppers used to be pretty hard bastards, and Queensland?s walloppers long had a reputation of being tougher than most. Keeping that in mind, and the history of political witch-hunts blowing back on their instigators, Australian Labor should probably have thought twice about going after Peter Dutton.

Last week, Dutton warned that he?d hit back, and he?s making good on that threat. First, there was the revelation that a Labor MP had lobbied on behalf of a banned Islamic hate-preacher. Now comes news that Labor in government had intervened to grant a tourist visa to a soccer star?s nanny, as well as interfering in the case of a Labor-connected Muslim businessman. Quote:

Former Labor immigration ministers Chris Bowen and Tony Burke allowed Italian soccer star Alessandro Del Piero?s nanny into the country on a tourist visa, and fast-tracked the case of a Lebanese national whose entry into Australia was supported by a Labor donor?the immigration department under Mr Bowen was allegedly ?heavied? into granting Del Piero?s nanny a tourist visa on two occasions, in September 2012 and January 2013. End of quote.

In other words, Labor not only did what they are targeting Dutton for but even worse. Quote:

Labor and the Greens have increased pressure on Mr Dutton following revelations he used ministerial powers to allow two au pairs into Australia on tourist visas?The parties argue Mr Dutton did favours for ?well-connected mates?. However, the minister has said he acted no differently than he did in the hundreds of other visa interventions he has made, including after requests from Labor MPs. End of quote.

Of course, Labor will do anything to curry favour with the Allahu Ackbar demographic they so desperately need to keep their stranglehold on western Sydney. Quote:

Mr Burke?s intervention as ?immigration minister involved a push to grant a Lebanese man permanent residency despite his department telling him such action was ?not considered appropriate?.

The man Mr Burke tried to help, Samer Al Shaar, entered Australia on a tourist visa in December 2012 with the support of businessman Talal Yassine, who is the managing director of Islamic superannuation and investment fund Crescent Wealth, which ?donated $61,250 to the Labor Party in 2016-17. End of quote.

Even more interesting? Quote:

Mr Yassine is also connected to Mr Bowen, who attended the launch of Crescent Wealth in December 2012 and appointed Mr Yassine to the Australian Multicultural Council in 2011 to ?advise and consult the government on multicultural issues and inform national policy?.

Mr Bowen?s wife, Rebecca Mifsud, was appointed a board director of the Crescent Foundation in 2016. End of quote.

Labor?s ties to the Sydney Islamic community run deep. In many ways, it is natural that local politicians affiliate with local community organisations. But there are also worrying questions about how far Labor will go to appease a major ethnic and religious voting bloc.

Plenty, it seems. Not just in Labor?s growing hostility to Israel, but in doing favours for politically connected mates. Quote:

The Australian revealed last week Mr Burke personally lobbied the government in support of a business visa for an Islamic ?extremist and hate preacher who advocated the execution of homosexuals and subjugation of women, but was later denied entry. End of quote.

Still, unlike extremist ?Mohammed Rateb Abdalah Ali al-Nabulsi, Al Shaar is associated with the supposedly sectarian Future Movement party. Quote:

The Australian understands Mr Al Shaar lodged an application for a protection visa in March 2013 shortly after arriving in Australia.

According to a government source, in August that year the department received a ?direction? from Mr Burke?s office asking for Mr Al Shaar?s case to be referred for consideration for the possible granting of a permanent visa.

In a submission to Mr Burke, the department advised there was no ?unique or exceptional circumstances? in Mr Al Shaar?s case and, because he had an active protection visa application, a permanent resolution was ?not considered ?appropriate at this time?.

Mr Burke disregarded the ?advice, according to the government source, and told his ?department he wished to intervene to proceed with granting Mr Al Shaar a permanent residency visa, pending standard identity and ?security checks. End of quote.

Unfortunately, his friends lost their high places before his visa could be pushed through. Quote:

But Mr Al Shaar?s case was referred to incoming immigration minister Mr Morrison before a visa could be granted when Labor lost power to the Coalition in September 2013. Mr Morrison declined to intervene to grant Mr Al Shaar a permanent residency visa and his protection visa application was subsequently refused by the department. End of quote.

Timing, as they say, is everything.