Nothing enrages voters more than expanded entitlements for politicians

Politicians are a bunch of entitled, precious little cupcakes. Their entire existence is a pampered, taxpayer-funded lifestyle where every conceivable expense that normal people have to suck up is paid for out of the public purse.

But it is never enough. Now, Jacinda Ardern has extended those entitlements to have the taxpayer cough up for nannies: Quote:

The rules for ministers travelling overseas have been expanded to allow the Prime Minister or a minister with a baby to take a nanny or other carer at the taxpayer’s cost – but Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the taxpayer will not be expected to pay for both her partner and a carer for baby Neve.

Ardern heads to New York with partner Clarke Gayford and Neve on Saturday, but said she was paying for Gayford’s flights herself because there were not many engagements for partners on the trip.

“There is no spousal programme for this, so we just made a judgment call that we would cover his travel for this trip. He will be going to some things, but he’s primarily travelling to care for Neve.”

The?Herald?has learned that after Ardern became Prime Minister, the guidelines for ministers’ overseas travel set by the Cabinet Office were reviewed and changed.

They now allow a minister with a young infant to take someone other than a partner to care for that child or for a minister with a disability to take a support person if needed.

Ardern said she had not sought the change for parents of babies and did not intend to use the extra entitlement herself. She would only allow it for other ministers in “exceptional circumstances.” End Quote.

Explaining is losing, Cindy dear. If the prime minister didn’t seek it then who did? What made her, (and it was her who changed it because this the responsibility of the prime minister and no one else), decide that this was of such pressing importance that it needed changing?

No one in the private sector gets entitlements like this. What’s the bet that if pressure is applied to Ardern she will come back with a statement that she thinks all employers should pay for nannies travel.

Sources inside Labour are saying that the Labour women’s caucus is pushing for all employers to pay nannies travel expenses as part of their ongoing gender equity campaign.

The reality is that voters hate this sort of stuff. Working people and the private sector don’t get these diabolical liberties that Jacinda Ardern has just added to the list of entitlements that already well-compensated MPs can avail themselves of.

This will cause more damage because despite what the prime minister claims it looks self-serving. She’s on $500k plus a year, she can afford her own nanny, as can most ministers.

It’s almost like Ardern’s government has been reading Animal Farm as a manual for how government operates and not as a warning.

Animal Farm: All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others