Open and honest? Not likely

Brent Edwards writes about Labour and Ardern failing at their own tests: Quote:

For a government to be open and democratic it needs to be so even when that might not be in its own short-term political interests.

In the case of the Coalition government there are examples where openness has not come naturally to it despite its declared public intention to be more transparent than previous governments.

It might be unfair but by declaring itself purer than pure ? not just as an MMP government ? this administration has raised the ante in terms of public and media expectations. So far, it is falling woefully short of meeting them.?End quote.

When ever someone claims the moral high ground then you should look very clearly into their own actions. The prime minister has claimed that she doesn’t lie, yet has been caught out multiple times lying by omission. Quote:

This week technology entrepreneur Derek Handley released all the emails and text messages between him and former communications and digital media minister Clare Curran and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Despite continuing public interest in the appointment process, which saw Mr Handley accept the job as chief?technology officer and then have it taken away, the government is yet to be so transparent.

Reading Mr Handley?s emails and text messages it is hard to understand why the government has opted for subterfuge and delay following Ms Curran?s decision to step down as a minister.

As Mr Handley says, the exchange of messages confirms, as the State Services Commission found, that the appointment process was properly run.

Some news media and the opposition are likely to get excited at the fact Ms Ardern had an exchange of text messages with Mr Handley, although most were from him. She replied to three, having told Parliament she had not responded to text messages from Mr Handley about the chief technology officer?s job.

While she might have to correct her earlier answers to Parliament there is no record of any discussion on her part about the CTO job.

Nonetheless, the fact the communications have been released by him reflects the government?s failure to be open or, for that matter, politically smart about an incident which has caused it more embarrassment than it should have. End quote.

The gloss has come off the princess. If only the media weren’t so dishonest as they gad about in her entourage around New York.