Opera singer to call the tune

From Earth’s End

In a “you could not make this stuff up” moment, a student of?educational psychology,?operatic?singing and?film production (oh, and a convicted fraudster to boot) has been appointed to a top job advising Maori on climate change.

Clearly, Donna Awatere Huata is well qualified to advise Maori on climate change as her educational psychology background will assist in teaching the mantra of impending climate doom.? Her operatic background will ensure that everyone is singing from the same page and the film production experiences will assist with the needed special effects when the climate departs from the script.

Donna is very well experienced in troughing, just the sort of person needed to advise on the climate. Eight years in the MP trough as an ACT MP and then fraudulently snavelling?$80,000 from the government-funded charity, the Pipi Foundation.? Following her stint in jail, she was back in the trough with a role?representing the NZ Maori Council at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Now the Maori Carbon Fund has given her another trough, albeit a privately funded one this time, as Maori Climate Commissioner

What?? There is a Maori Carbon Fund?? Yes indeed.? Headed by such worthies as Murray, the Saudi sheep farmer, McCully; perennial electorate meddler Michelle Boag and Hone,?house niggers, Harawira.??Sounds like a great group.

A Newspaper reports: Quote.

Her role would include providing advice and M?ori-focused research, which would assist with New Zealand meeting its target under the Paris climate agreement.

Awatere Huata said she would focus on three main “pou”: representing the interests of landowners, bringing M?ori worldview into the climate change discussion, and sharing conversations with indigenous peoples around the world.

“The colonists left us marginal land, which just happens to be perfect for carbon farming and regenerating native trees. But there are some policy issues around incentives. We need to get stability in the market, and ensure emitters pay for their carbon use.”

The M?ori relationship with the environment was “increasingly important” in a world where profits were deemed more important than the wellbeing of the planet, she said.

“The relationship stems from whakapapa [genealogy]. It is about kaitiakitanga [guardianship], and utu [compensation], the balance with nature and the land. It is no coincidence many of the M?ori treaty claims are in relation to the environment.”? End of quote.

Yes, well, we all know the revisionist history that Maori were the “original environmentalists”, after all, it wasn’t the Maori who burnt large swathes of South Island in order to hunt Moa to extinction, now was it?

Note the code words “sharing conversations with indigenous peoples around the world.”? This translates to, “I get to make many CO2 belching air trip jollies around the world to discuss how CO2 is bad”.

We, apparently, have a global problem and some Maori focused research is going to solve it by bringing a Maori worldview into climate change discussions.

This is actually a very exciting prospect as the Maori worldview does not mention Carbon or Carbon Dioxide.? Absolutely excellent news that Maori are going to stand up against the lie that a trace gas that they had never even heard of, in their worldview, is changing the climate.

Oh, wait, they have already bought the lie – it is the Maori Carbon Forum and their snout is already in the climate trough through carbon credits and ETS payments.

Silly me.