Oral questions: 19 September 2018

Credit: Woolf Photography via parliament.nz

Questions to Ministers

  1. Hon SIMON BRIDGES?to the?Prime Minister:?Does she stand by all her Government?s statements and actions?
  2. JO LUXTON?to the?Minister of Housing and Urban Development:?What reports has he seen on the New Zealand housing market?
  3. Hon SIMON BRIDGES?to the?Prime Minister:?Will she release today all communications between herself, her staff, and her Ministers in respect of Derek Handley and his proposed appointment to the role of Government Chief Technology Officer?
  4. Hon AMY ADAMS?to the?Minister of Finance:?Does he stand by the statements, actions, and policies of the Government in relation to the New Zealand economy?
  5. PRIYANCA RADHAKRISHNAN?to the?Minister for Social Development:?What is the significance of passing the bills divided from the Social Security Legislation Rewrite Bill yesterday?
  6. JAMI-LEE ROSS?to the?Minister of Transport:?Did the New Zealand Transport Agency commence a process of procurement for the Tauranga Northern Link project; if so, what decisions, if any, have been taken to halt, suspend, or modify that procurement process since 26 October 2017?
  7. Hon NIKKI KAYE?to the?Minister of Education:?Does he stand by his decision to legislate to ?do away? with communities of online learning; if so, why has he not proposed a replacement system?
  8. MARK PATTERSON?to the?Minister of Police:?What recent announcements has he made regarding the allocation of police?
  9. Hon MICHAEL WOODHOUSE?to the?Minister of Health:?Does he believe that women in the health sector should be paid what they are worth?
  10. Hon Dr NICK SMITH?to the?Minister of State Services:?What are the dates and the contents of the work-related emails to and from former Minister Hon Clare Curran?s private Gmail account, in relation to the appointment of the Government?s Chief Technology Officer, that he referred to as having been handed over to the Chief Archivist in yesterday?s Oral Question No 11?
  11. Dr DEBORAH RUSSELL?to the?Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety:?What announcements has he made about pay equity?
  12. ANDREW BAYLY?to the?Minister of Housing and Urban Development:?Will Kiwi families be able to buy the new KiwiBuild houses and apartments coming on to the market?