Pauline does ’em again

Photoshopped image credit: Lushington

?Troll? is one of the most abused terms on the internet. Even more than ‘far right’.

Too often, trolling is confused with flaming: the act of abusive internet bullying. Trolling, on the other hand, is a kind of pranksterism with a mission: purposefully exposing ignorance, hypocrisy and groupthink by making deliberately provocative statements.

Donald Trump is one of the world?s great trolls. He makes easy meat of the Trump-deranged left, baiting them into making gibbering fools of themselves.

Pauline Hanson is fast becoming a troll to rival the Donald.

When Hanson wore a burqa into the Australian Senate chamber, she exposed the cant and hypocrisy of her detractors. Smug elitists who have long sneered at ordinary Australians for being discomfited by the sight of sinister black tents gliding along Australian streets were clearly shocked and confronted by the sight of one in Parliament.

When the same self-righteous stiffs berated Hanson for ?mocking religious garments?, they openly contradicted their own repeated arguments that burqas have ‘nothing?to do with Islam.’

Now, Hanson is set to troll the great and good of the Senate again into exposing their own prejudices, for all to see. Quote:

Pauline Hanson is so concerned about the supposed rise of anti-white racism she will move a motion in the Senate condemning it.

The One Nation leader has flagged her intention to make a speech about this form of skin-colour discrimination before Parliament goes on a break for three weeks. End of quote.

Already, the Twitter left are lining up to condemn the proposed motion as ?racism?. Quote:

The motion is being moved two months after 23-year-old Canadian nationalist YouTube star Lauren Southern toured Australia and wore shirts with the slogan, ‘It’s okay to be white.’ End of quote.

Right-on leftists, like the taxpayer-funded SBS, immediately gibbered about ?white supremacy? when Southern wore the t-shirt. No doubt the pious Greens will clutch their pearls and say the same about this proposed motion. Which will only prove Hanson?s point.

Lauren Southern wearing an It’s okay to be white t-shirt

?It?s okay to be white? originated as a deliberate troll by 4Chan users, designed to trip the left-media into exposing their prejudices by overreacting hysterically to a harmless message. As they duly did. Which leads to the question, as Tucker Carlson asked, ?What?s the correct position? That it?s not okay to be white??

Increasingly, for the left, that does indeed seem to be the politically-correct position.

Hence, the other part of Hanson?s motion. Quote:

The Senate acknowledges: (a) the deplorable rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation. End of quote.

Locked into their echo-chambers as they are, the media-left stridently deny both propositions. Indeed, ignoring all evidence to the contrary, not to mention standard English, the left denies that anti-white racism is even possible, cooking up absurd Marxist sophistries about ?prejudice + power?.

But, one only has to spend five seconds on social media or wading through the turgid swamp of left media, to find that anti-white messages are almost de rigeur. Twitter festers with babblings about ?white people?. The New York Times recently hired an editor whose Twitter feed was a sewer of anti-white hatred. Leftist bibles like Huffington Post fart out braying prejudicial nonsense about ?white people? on a daily basis.

When news emerged that an Australian university was on the verge of accepting a bequest to establish a course specifically dedicated to the study of Western civilization, the media-left went berserk with foaming hatred. The same universities, meanwhile, are openly pressuring white male academics to cede their jobs to ?people of colour?.

Such is the rancid anti-white bigotry of the left, that even uttering the ?w?-word is now enough to cost people their jobs. Quote:

A senior Metropolitan Police officer who used the phrase “whiter than white” faces losing his job for alleged racism and gross misconduct.

The detective superintendent is said to have made the comment in a briefing to colleagues during which he discussed the need to be faultless and above reproach in carrying out inquiries.

But a complaint was made about his choice of words which was passed to the police watchdog for investigation, according to the Evening Standard.

The highly respected officer has been placed on restricted duties while the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) investigates and has reportedly been warned the inquiry may take up to 12 months to complete. End of quote.

Her detractors will try and write her off as a mere attention-seeker, but the fact remains that Pauline Hanson is right, and her top-level trolling of the left just makes their cosy bigotry plain for all to see.