Pimping the baby at the UN

Photoshopped image credit: Technomage

Jacinda has been flashing plastic in New York.? Not shopping as you might expect in the big apple, though lord knows, she needs new shoes.? She?s still wearing the same ankle strappers that she trotted out at APEC in Vietnam.

I?m talking about the Deflect card ? the little gem she whips out when she wants to get everyone’s attention.? I?m talking about little 3-month-old Neve.

This from the Guardian😕 Quote:

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern has made history as the first female world leader to attend the United Nations general assembly meeting with her newborn baby in tow.

Ardern appeared with her infant daughter at the UN on Monday evening, and played with her before giving a speech at the Nelson Mandela peace summit. While she spoke, Ardern?s partner Clarke Gayford held the three-month-old baby on his lap.??End of quote.

When announcing her pregnancy, Ms Ardern informed us that the baby?s father would pick up the burden of childcare, and he would be a stay at home Dad.? Quote:

“This year we’ll join the many parents who wear two hats. I’ll be PM & a mum while Clarke will be ‘first man of fishing’?& stay at home dad.”? End of quote.

Clarke, the stay at home dad, except he doesn?t stay at home.

The baby is being breastfed, so fair enough that the baby would travel with her to New York.? But really, to take the baby into a UN meeting?? Clarke had Neve on his knee during Ms Ardern’s speech.

Tell me, what purpose did that serve other than attention seeking?

You may remember back in August this year, Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard warned journalists not to film or photograph baby Neve at Parliament.? The baby is entitled to privacy, she has no say in the role her mother plays as prime minister.

Yet when it suits, you know, for ‘first time in history’ occasions, the baby is very much on display.? Photographs, videos, beamed around the world to promote the Prime Minister.

Then there was this tweet from Clarke Gayford this morning:? Quote:

Because everyone on twitter?s been asking to see Neve?s UN id, staff here whipped one up.? I wish I could have captured the startled look on a Japanese delegation inside UN yesterday who walked into a meeting room in the middle of a nappy change.? Great yarn for her 21st.? End of quote.

Great yarn?? What an absolute tool.? The guy has no clue.? The Japanese delegation were probably thinking what the hell kind of hillbilly would change a babies nappy in a meeting room.

There are just some places where you shouldn?t take the baby. The UN General Assembly is one of them.

Stop pimping the baby and stay back at the apartment. It’s disgraceful that a 3 month old is being used like this.