Plastic bag ban creates opportunity for advertising

It hit me yesterday when reading Christie’s funny post about the rash of missing Countdown baskets that this is a huge marketing opportunity for canny companies. If Countdown and other supermarkets are going to inconvenience their customers and take away their free access to branded plastic bags that advertise their supermarket then other companies can step in to fill the void.

Imagine a shopping basket with your companies branding all over it. Now imagine thousands of shoppers all over New Zealand carrying them inside supermarkets. A big enough company could order them in bulk from China in company colours and with company branding and could practically give them away. It would be an amazing bang for their advertising buck as they will be used again and again.

Customers will be thrilled to be given them so will think highly of the company that supplies them. This really is a pandora’s?box that the government has opened and if supermarkets take away a service then it makes sense that others will step in to fill the void.

I wish we could sell Whaleoil branded shopping baskets for readers to use in the supermarkets. We do have cotton shopping bags however and no doubt more and more companies will now sell them with their branding all over them. If the supermarkets were sensible they would sell their own branded cotton shopping bags at cost price to win back the loyalty of their customers.