Plastic bags: Have your say


Stuff?reports that over 9000 people have made submissions on the plastic bag ban. Submissions close on Friday. quote:

Associate Environment minister Eugenie Sage said the number was a “strong response” for a Government consultation.

“The high number of submissions we received underlines that this is an issue close to the hearts of many New Zealanders.” end quote.

Yes, but if you read the comments on Whaleoil, Eugenie, you may find that not all the submissions will go your way. quote:

Regulations could be in force as?early as July 2019.

Officials would work through the submissions to prepare a summary of submissions and a cost-benefit analysis.?They would then provide the initial advice to the Cabinet.

From there, regulations would be drafted and final Cabinet decisions made ? most likely by the end of the year. end quote.

How much do you want to bet that, even if a large number of those submissions are against the banning of plastic bags, the decision will be to continue with the ban anyway? After all, the government – or more accurately, the prime minister, in another ‘captain’s call’ has already said she will ban the bags. Is it likely that this decision will be reversed just because some people are against it? Not very likely, I would think. quote:

“Through?this consultation we particularly asked New Zealanders for their views on which type of bags should be included (by weight), any exceptions that should be considered, views on implementation timeframes and what support New Zealanders will need to help ease the transition.” end quote.

I don’t believe any of this for one second. They will do what they want to do and they will tell everyone that this is what people wanted. quote:

The Wellington City Council has thrown its support behind the proposal, asking that the Government go?a step further by banning any kind of oxo-degradable, bio-degradable or compostable?bag.

The council’s submission says it wanted?to reduce overall plastic consumption.

It asks that information about the phase-out is?distributed in several languages, and a close eye is kept on the food markets which operate?close to marine areas. end quote.

Here comes the Wellington City Council… the biggest virtue signallers of all, care of their long-suffering ratepayers, in the country. You can be absolutely sure they will be in support of stopping everything remotely plastic. quote:

Plastic Bag Free Wanaka/Wastebusters?submission supported the proposal.

They wanted the phase out of compostable bags, and a complete ban on all oxo-degradable bags .?end quote.

So… now they have compostable bags in their sights too. Even though many of us have not even transitioned to compostable bags yet. So we can’t even use those?

This whole thing is getting silly beyond belief and for those of you, like me, who use Asian supermarkets, they will be caught as well.?Both the Wellington City Council and Wastebusters agree that small retailers will not be exempt from the ban.

So make your submissions now. It will make no difference, but someone, somewhere, might pick up on the fact that the general public is not in support of this. If we are all very lucky.