Please update your banned word list

Now that the co-leader of the Gunts has reclaimed one of the words on the banned word list, it is time to add a new one and update all the existing lists.

Several words will remain in place on the banned word list; there is the n-word, the f-word, the p-word, the h-word, the s-word and of course, the q-word.

The new addition is required because someone had been getting a little miffed about the word, possibly even a cross word?

The new, offending, word is “led” but only when used in a particular combination; “Labour-led government”.? Using this phrase will have your mother washing your mouth out with soap and water.

Clair Trevett, writing for a newspaper explains why. Quote.

[…] NZ First leader Winston Peters has expended some energy trying to eradicate the pesky phrase “Labour-led Government,” claiming it is not a true reflection of the coalition arrangement.

Instead, he has instructed media, MPs and anybody else in earshot to refer to “the Coalition Government” or the Labour-NZ First coalition government.

He will tolerate the addition of “with confidence and supply from the Greens” but only three times a year and only if uttered in a dark windowless room with no audience.

Even Ardern gets jittery when the three words are uttered in her presence.

Asked if she had asked ministers to stop using the term, she replied “ah, I’ve never used that phrase, I don’t believe I’ve used that phrase.

“I tend not to and I’d expect [ministers] to refer to us as a coalition Government or a Government with a coalition partner and a confidence and supply partner.”

The media merrily ignore Peters’ edict and some may use the term in front of him just to annoy him.

National sometimes obeys him but only because they prefer “NZ First-led Government.”

That was particularly the case over apparent differences of opinion on issues from refugee quotas, employment law reforms, the three-strikes law, and the Crown-Maori relations portfolio.

Peters has had some success with his eradication campaign.

The offending term has now been removed from the Beehive website and replaced with Coalition Government.

Ardern said that was not her doing.

“If you’re questioning whether or not because there was a change whether or not because there was a change on the website that I’m ceding power, the answer is no.”

Nor did the outlawing of the words “Labour-led Government” mean the Government was not led by Labour.

“I am a Labour Prime Minister, I am leader of the Labour Party and I am in a coalition Government. There is no doubt I don’t think that I am the Prime Minister and leading this Government.” […] End of quote.

Careful with the double negatives there, Cindy!

The non-leader of the Labour-led Coalition of Losers has decreed the ban and we must obey.