[Updated] President Trump meets with sheriffs from across America: They love him

[Updated] New video added

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You ll never read it on our MSM here but President Trump was awarded a plaque from I believe 43 Sherrifs across the country to thank him for keeping his promise to help law enforcement . They hold him in such high regard it was touching and a reality check amid all the nastiness and cruelness and criticism he receives from the media and from Democrats.

He was handed the plaque and was told that for the first time the Sherrifs felt a President had their back, and that they wanted him to know that they also had his back. Trump was humble and touched, and it illustrated how utterly unfairly he?s been treated but also showed how much respect he has from men and women in law enforcement.

I suspect this is what keeps him going day after day and I suspect this support runs deep across the military and law enforcement communities . There was no doubt about the high esteem they held him in. Thank goodness.