Put down the P-pipe, Phil.

Apparently, Housing minister Phil Twyford wants to say sorry to Meth heads and give them all a big hug. Newsie reports: quote.

Quote:A report by Housing NZ into its response to methamphetamine contamination shows the organisation accepts its approach was wrong and had far reaching consequences for hundreds of people.End of quote.

Well, I don’t know if its approach was wrong but it did get taken in by scare tactics regarding even trace amounts of meth being dangerous. Quote.

Quote:?Housing NZ acknowledges that around 800 tenants suffered by either losing their tenancies, losing their possessions, being suspended from the public housing waiting list, negative effects on their credit ratings or, in the worst cases, being made homeless,” says Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford.End of quote.

Whoa, back up Phil. Just who do you mean by 800 tenants? Certainly not granny on a pension living in a State flat? No, because the only way there even could have been trace amounts of meth contamination is if the tenant was smoking meth, even if just a few times or if they allowed it to be smoked. Quote.

Quote:?Housing NZ is committed to redressing the hardship these tenants faced. This will be done on a case by case basis and the organisation will look to reimburse costs tenants incurred, and make discretionary grants to cover expenses such as moving costs and furniture replacement.End of quote.

Hardship? Personally, I don’t care if someone wants to smoke meth in a home that they actually own. After all, if they want to consume the most potent form of a particular drug in the most unhealthy way possible who am I to judge? Different story with State housing. Hardship Phil? What about the hardship of all those folks trying to make ends meet while all those ferals you think have been hard done by are having boozy parties and smoking meth, all the while hogging State housing? Quote.

Quote:[…]Phil says the approach to methamphetamine from 2013 by the government of the day was a moral and fiscal failure.

?Even as evidence grew that the meth standard was too low, and ministers acknowledged it wasn?t ?fit for purpose?, the former government continued to demonise its tenants. At any time they could have called for independent advice. Our Government is choosing to do the right thing.End of quote.

Let’s forget that the meth standard was too low. They shouldn’t have been doing meth, at all. Call me Scroogey McScroogey but I’d kick people out of States houses even for having too many boozy parties. After all, if someone can afford to spend up large on alcohol, smoke weed, and do meth, then they can afford not to be State tenants. It’s a middle finger to the long-suffering taxpayer. quote.

Quote:[…]?The meth debacle was a systemic failure of government that hurt a lot of people. Our Government is committed to putting this right.”End of quote.

Phil, metaphorically speaking, put down the P-pipe and start thinking of genuinely hard up kiwis for once.