Recycling is easy… right?

Stuff reports quote.

Special bins at supermarkets designed for soft plastics recycling are becoming full of food and hot drinks.

It means attempts to recycle the plastic are futile, and it’s taken to the landfill instead. end quote.

Gosh. I thought we were all brainwashed into thinking that recycling was a new religion. We are not allowed plastic bags. We have to recycle everything, and of course, we have to do it responsibly. This is the new world order, right? Green is good. quote.

The Packaging Forum spokeswoman Lyn Mayes said they’d asked supermarkets to move the bins away from doorways, and the bins were clearly marked with “no rubbish please”.

“In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need that prompt, but we’re trying to make it as easy as possible for people.” end quote.

Oh dear. Does this mean that the sheep of the world are not all following in the right direction? Are some of them breaking the rules? Dear, dear… how can this possibly be? quote.

But coffee cups, cans and food were still being dumped in the special bins, which were introduced in 2015. end quote.

Oh, dear… excuse me while I laugh… quote

Mayes said some bins were so contaminated that the collector had started to leave them at the supermarkets.?”We hope it will help the supermarkets to start checking the bins as well.”

Soft plastics already had no monetary value but if it was??contaminated, it was unable to be used at all. end quote.

So we are talking about those plastic bins in supermarkets designed for plastic bags to be recycled… but ‘single-use’ plastic bags are no longer allowed, so that can’t be the problem… so what else are they there for? quote.

“They’re labelled obviously for a reason. They’re also see-through for a reason.”

The strangest thing she had found in one was a razor blade, she said. On Wednesday, they recovered someone’s car keys. end quote.

Either a disgruntled ex or a nasty error. I’ll bet whoever that was spent ages looking for those keys in the car park.? quote.

A Countdown spokeswoman said they had a number of general rubbish bins available for customers in each store, but incorrect items were being thrown in to the soft plastics bins.

“While this is disappointing, the vast majority of our customers are using them correctly.?The best way to ensure people knew what to do was continuing education,” she said. “We are keen to keep supporting this.” end quote.

Look, I’m sorry. Actually, no. I’m not. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what these bins are for, but here is the thing, which I have struck on occasions. Yes, you may be willing to recycle your soft plastics. but the bins are often located in the area after you have passed through the checkout. So, do they expect you to start unloading your veggies and fruit on the way out and put the plastic bags in the bins? Don’t you need them to get your stuff home?

What we are dealing with here is good old human nature. Provide a bin and people will use it. Stop kidding yourselves that everyone will conform to your point of view.

I once – please note, only once – went to the effort of bringing some soft plastics back to the supermarket with the view of recycling them. When I had got to the point in the supermarket where I could do that, I opened the lid and the stench of rotting meat was overpowering. I found myself almost gagging in the middle of the supermarket. Man, I have no idea what the hell was in there, but it smelt like there was a dead sheep in the bottom of the bin. Needless to say, I’ve never been near one of those bins again.

I’ll stick with my ‘single-use’ plastic bags, thanks. Obviously, they are much more hygienic.