Rod Oram on democracy

It seems that Rod Oram, who I have mostly thought of as an intelligent writer, has still got fairy dust on his shoes. For reasons that he tries to explain but can’t, he seems to think that this government is a panacea to democracy, and that everything they do is wonderful. This from?Newsroom?quote:

Short-term, unprincipled politics have got the world into one hell of a mess. Economies are faltering, politics are polarising, societies are shattering, and ecosystems are decaying. end quote.

Yes. Can’t argue with that, and dog whistle politics is alive and well in New Zealand too. quote:

Full democracy is a rare and fragile thing. Only 4.4 percent of the world?s population enjoy it. They are citizens of 19 countries. Ours is one, ranking 4th after Norway, Iceland and Sweden.

But we?re far too complacent. Too many people reckon we?re so small we can just jog along escaping the ills of the world. end quote.

I’m not sure Sweden classes as a world leader in democracy any more, seeing that it is rapidly being overtaken by Sharia Law. quote:

Not so. We?re intrinsically part of global systems – economic, social, political and environmental. We depend on them. If we don?t adapt to them and make sure we can deliver a good living for everyone economically and physically, our society, culture and politics will shatter as destructively as they are in the US, UK and an increasing number of other countries. end quote.

Yes, but those countries are all suffering from massive migration issues, particularly from Middle Eastern countries. The only way to maintain our culture is to turn off the immigration tap. It may be too late for them, but it is not too late for us. quote:

Some young politicians say it has to be done if we want to avoid the disasters and dysfunctions besetting some other countries. Enlivened by making the future, they can describe a nation many people want and the steps we have to take to build it.

This is the context in which Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern?s speech last Sunday should be read. She described a comprehensive and progressive blueprint for her Labour-led coalition Government that will enable New Zealand to prosper economically and sustainably, while strengthening society and politics. end quote.

No. I’m sorry, but no. It was nothing more than a show of solidarity for a coalition where the cracks?are starting to show. It was all about public perception, and nothing else. She can talk about blueprints all she likes, but it is just talk. Tell us how all of this is going to happen. She can’t, because she has no idea. quote:

Many people in business are up for the challenge. By late 2016 or so, more of them were realising National?s incremental approach during its nine years in office wasn?t working. Its myriad small, often poorly co-ordinated steps weren?t delivering the big systemic changes urgently required for productivity, exports, infrastructure, housing, the environment and other foundations of the economy and society. That quick and deep shift in sentiment was captured by the NZ Herald?s pre-election ?Mood of the Boardroom? survey. end quote.

I agree with this, at least in part. National were asleep at the wheel on housing and infrastructure. Dealing with the GFC and a number of earthquakes were the reason for that, but that is not to say that a big picture approach is not needed. But Labour’s answer to the housing problem? Build 18 houses in the first year and introduce a Kiwilotto system to find out who will get them. Wow. That’s inspired. That’ll fix it. quote:

By year end, the government will have to be very clear what new policies it aims to deliver by early 2020, and to convince the public it has the political support and the governmental skills to do so. end quote.

There is no chance of that. Everything is just a talkfest and a photo opportunity. They will not tell us what their plan is because they do not have one. quote:

While there are a number of weak links in the coalition Government, two are Winston Peters and Shane Jones. So far, they are behaving like tired old politicians relying on bad one-liners and bad temper to stir up their supporters rather than playing constructive roles in the coalition. end quote.

Well, I view it quite differently. Winston Peters and Shane Jones are the only thing stopping this country from being at the mercy of a bunch of activists. Without them, we really would be in trouble. quote:

Thus, one of the many great challenges for the Prime Minister is to persuade Peters and Jones that they and their inherently conservative followers can contribute to and benefit from the ambitions for the country described by Labour and the Greens. end quote.

Here, Rod Oram shows his true colours, being red with a strong hint of green. Disappointing, Rod. I thought you were better than that.

Thank God there are still some conservatives in this government, holding back the activists from ruining the country altogether. Rod needs to recognise that these ‘conservatives’, which is said with a sneer, are the only thing holding us back from total anarchy, although they failed to save the oil and gas industry. Fortunately for us, Winston Peters holds all the power. Let’s see him use it.