Rodney Hide says abandon the Paris Accord

Rodney Hide says that the climate change debate is now a busted flush and we should bail out of the Paris Accord. Quote:

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change announced with much hullabaloo in 2015 is now in total tatters.

The United States is out.

Not one European Union country is on track to meet agreed targets.

China, Russia and India are expanding coal production.?Brazil could quit.

Last week?s jamboree in Bangkok failed to agree?on draft rules to implement Paris.?End quote:

It is a complete joke that will do nothing to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. Quote:

Meanwhile, our government cites Paris to ban exploration and justify the crippling Carbon Zero Act.

Because of Paris, farming must be hobbled.?Valuable land converted to trees. And every business and every household must pay more for everything.

All because of Paris.

Oh, and to lead the world.?End quote:

Lead the world on the path to financial ruin? Quote:

The Productivity Commission?s foreword to its door-stopping, 620-page report on a ?low emissions economy? expounds: “We cannot expect to influence others of the need to change if we cannot ourselves demonstrate the willingness and ability to play our part, to offer our assistance and to share the benefits of our experience.?

The report?s ?overview? says: ?Further, by achieving a successful transition to a low-emissions economy, New Zealand has an opportunity to influence others in pursuing a low emissions economy.?

The happy reality is that the rest of the world does not want to be led, do not care what New Zealand does, and are happy to mouth off platitudes while burning fossil fuels at an ever-increasing pace.

Consider the following thought experiment: New Zealand achieves its low-emissions economy at huge cost and trouble. Does that make it more likely that the US will re-sign Paris??That China will throttle back its industrialisation? That India will dial back coal production? That Russia will apply the brakes?

Of course not.?End quote:

Nope, they will laugh as their own industries enjoy a competitive advantage over ours that are hamstrung by virtue-signalling legislation. Quote:

We would do better to learn from other countries.?That means talking the talk. And doing precisely nothing.?The planet won?t notice. Neither will the world.

That would leave us free to prosper unhampered and undistracted.?End quote:

If only that would happen. With the muppets in power it won’t be anytime soon, and sadly not even with National who from the top down are true believers on climate change as well. Quote:

It?s a peculiarly Wellington thing, where high salaries are guaranteed, to want to lead the world on ? policy. The rest of us are content to make the wage and PAYE bill for another month and for the All Blacks to win.

But then we are not on the international cocktail circuit anxious to have our PowerPoint scream, ?Look What We Have Done!?

We should stand well back from Paris.?And we should remind ourselves of what is going on.?For the Green extremists, nothing except complete de-industrialisation including the end of modern farming will be enough.?It?s a religious thing.

For politicians and civil servants, it?s power and budgets.?They have long ago surrendered the argument. They lead now with ad hominem (?climate change denier?!), mad science (CO2 is a pollutant), and nonsense policy (the Zero Carbon Bill).

It?s glorious to have those pontificating about how we ?deniers? don?t understand ?The Science? declaring CO2 a pollutant while legislating for Zero Carbon.?(NB: Carbon is the basis of all life. CO2 is plant food.) End quote:

Climate Change is a fraud, sooner or later the politicians will catch up with reality.