Rugby post – The All Blacks host the South Africans in Wellington

Welcome to tonight’s debate post for the rugby where you can predict the score and guess who’s going to score in what corner off who’s forward tackle, or boot, (or pass) as well as cyber bully the ref when he gets it wrong or has his eyes closed.

I thought I’d add a bit more to this in the form of some history, of the tour, of when these two teams first meet.


“The?1921 South Africa rugby union tour of Australia and New Zealand?was the third tour made by the?Springboks?rugby team and their first tour to Australia and?New Zealand. South Africa played three?Test matches?against the?All Blacks. The series was drawn 1?all, and the long-running controversy between the countries over the All Blacks’ inclusion of Maori players began”

The Springboks played five matches in Australia, winning them all. The three most important matches against?New South Wales were retroactively accorded Test status by the?Australian Rugby Union?in 1986, but remain as tour matches only for the?South African Rugby Board.

South Africa then played nineteen matches in New Zealand, winning fifteen, losing two and drawing two.”

Thank you very much for joining us. It’s much more exciting once people take charge and drive the thread.

Enjoy the game and please consider sharing this post to social media for the benefit of others who may not have the luxury of watching live. This is a great way for new people to learn about the game as the comments section is often filled with experienced people who bring valued and lesser known information and rule interpretations to our attention.


-Sourced from wikipedia.