Russel Norman loses all credibility

Newshub?reports that Russel Norman thinks that oil companies are capable of sabotage. quote:

The head of Greenpeace says oil companies are as big an enemy today of the environmental group as the French government was when it sunk the Rainbow Warrior.

Russell Norman fears oil companies are capable of going just as far.

The Rainbow Warrior III pulled into Matauri Bay at dawn on Monday, paying homage to the original which lies beneath the calm waters. end quote.

No oil company was involved in the destruction of the Rainbow Warrior. The explosion was carried out by the French government. I guess when you are a raving activist, you believe that everyone is capable of the same despicable acts as you. Reality check, Russel. Oil companies do not deliberately kill people, unlike the French agents who bombed the Rainbow Warrior, knowing full well that they were putting human life at risk. quote:

Her crew also paid their respects to the Greenpeace photographer who died when it was bombed by the French government 33 years ago.

“We’re here to remember the original Rainbow Warrior – and of course Fernando Pereira, who was murdered by the French government on that day in 1985.” end quote.

Murdered by the French government, Russel. Not by the oil companies. quote:

Two French spies were ordered to attack the vessel as part of French efforts to stop anti-nuclear protests in the South Pacific.

Mr Norman says the oil and gas exploration companies are today’s enemies, and could go just as far. end quote.

What evidence do you have for such spurious claims, Russel? Oh, that’s right. You have absolutely none. I mean, the oil companies have treated you so badly, haven’t they? They almost killed you once.

Actually, no they didn’t. You put yourself into a position in the water where the oil industry ship, Amazon Warrior was forced to make a 360 degree turn to avoid you, at a cost of $150,000. You knew perfectly well that you would come to no harm, and you pleaded guilty, so there is no question that you knew what you were doing.


But then Russel Norman is no stranger to activism and hypocrisy, is he?

Remember this?

Yes. This is a photo of the then co-leader of the New Zealand Green Party in a scuffle as Chinese vice-president Xi Jinping’s delegation arrived at Parliament in 2010.?Prime Minister John Key was forced to apologise to the visiting Chinese delegation for this disgraceful display of behaviour.?Dr Norman waved a Tibetan flag and called for democracy. A scuffle broke out and he was jostled before having his flag pulled off him. Dr Norman then laid a complaint with the police.

Just a photo of one of our senior politicians behaving like a lout. Nothing to see here.

And now that he is the Executive Director of Greenpeace, nothing has changed.

I wonder how many organisations would be happy to have an Executive Director who is deliberately disruptive to business, pleads guilty to acts of ‘interfering in the operations of an oil industry survey ship’ and has a history of scuffles on picket lines, one of them designed to disrupt the visit of the premier of one of the country’s major trading partners?

He’s still sniping as if he is still in politics. Here he is having a go at Chris Bishop (for no apparent reason):

Nothing changes eh, Russel?

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that oil companies deliberately put human life at risk in acts of sabotage. In fact, there is evidence to the contrary, as the Amazon Warrior was forced to turn around to avoid causing harm to Dr Norman while he played his silly, activist games. But protesting oil exploration is one thing. Accusing them of sabotage and possibly murder is quite another.

The Executive Director of Greenpeace should not be making such vile statements. Greenpeace has gone too far this time.