Sayonara to the Kimono Clown

Taxpayers have handed over three months of salary for Derek the Kimono Clown, since the government has decided they don?t want to give him the role after all, after offering it to him in the first place. Quote:

Dumped chief technology officer?candidate Derek Handley?has been paid out more than $100,000 in compensation by the Government, Digital Services Minister Megan Woods?has confirmed.

Woods said the Government?had agreed to pay Handley compensation totalling $107,500 after deciding to put the recruitment process for the country’s first national chief technology officer on hold and “rethinking the role”.

Woods issued the statement after Handley said?the Government had?reneged on a commitment to give him the job?and paid him three months’ salary, and costs, as compensation.

Handley said he had decided not to keep the money, and would instead?donate it towards a fund to?support?ideas, programmes and grants to tackle “digital inequality”. End quote.

I don?t know how I feel about this – the thought of that useless noisy wanker getting money for nothing is grating. However, the country saves money in two ways – not getting some noisy fool in a position where a smart mind is needed, or that they?ve saved the country a fortune in carbon credits since the hot air emissions of Handley will remain in New York, where he will also be free to gad about in kimonos to his heart’s content.

One thing?s for certain, Handley thought he was well regarded in New Zealand. Who could possibly say that anymore? And will the government be able to rebuild trust with the tech sector for the remainder of this Parliamentary term after this debacle?