‘Splaining is losing, love

Helen Clark has got her nose well out of joint and is causing no end of problems.

Jacinda Ardern is now having to explaining her weaknesses away after Helen Clark turned her beady eyes on her. Quote:

Jacinda Ardern is defending her actions as leader after some criticism from a predecessor.

Earlier this week, former Prime Minister Helen Clark said heads would have rolled over the Labour Youth camp issue, if she was in charge.

Ardern was initially kept in the dark about the situation, but she says an?inquiry was the way to go.

“We are different leaders. That issue at that time I dealt with as I saw fit, as I am dealing with these issues now as I see fit. I am entirely comfortable with the decisions that I’ve made.” End quote.

We’ll see, love. Quote:

The Prime Minister says that’s not to say she backs away from making the tough calls – and her colleagues know that.

“They know my expectations are high. They know that we have a standard that New Zealanders expect of us. We are in office, we are there to represent them. That isn’t something that I share at any one off caucus meeting. It’s a constant theme amongst our team.”

She is also deflecting questions about the investigation into Minister Meka Whaitiri’s alleged office altercation with a staff member.

Ardern says it’s right Whaitiri is standing aside while the matter’s investigated

“My hope is that it will be dealt with as quickly as possible, within the realms of course of dealing with all parties fairly. That is a matter that is really with ministerial services rather than with me.”End quote.

Explaining is losing, doll.

Being prime minister is a little bit harder than sitting in the big chair spinning around going wee!