State control eroding our individual freedoms

State Control. Edel Rodriguez

Since the dawn of mankind, humans have traded their skills, expertise and time for their own measure of what they value those assets to be worth. They negotiated and agreed with another willing buyer/seller. The beneficial trade happened all over the globe, always with the individual being able to determine their own prices, exchange, trade and value and with the legs to walk away also if needed.

Fast forward to 2018 and us Kiwi?s are about to swindled like never before if the ugly rumours are true about this Labour coalition government and their plans to usurp our sovereign rights with the state determining the price of our own skills and worth in the employment market.

Sure, they?ll try and position it differently with a prime minister giving the most earnest of condescending tilted head nods explaining so clearly that it?s for the protection and rights of workers (neglecting to mention that there?s already employment legislation protecting the workers.)

If rumours are true and pay rates are to be mandated at set levels across various industry sectors, that is equivalent to New Zealand being dictated a legal enforcement of socialist ideological frameworks. It will mean more state control over our sovereign private property rights of both the business/property owner and also the sovereign rights of the individual.

Legislation such as that would completely undermine the foundations of our democracy. It would undermine our freedom of association and freedom to not submit to political prejudices dictated and enforced by a sitting government. (Let alone from a sitting, wobbly government hurriedly cobbled together and led by a completely distracted accidental prime minister with baby-brain.)

Such legislation would erode our democracy and the individual freedoms that we currently enjoy in New Zealand. Kiwis everywhere will certainly struggle to understand why the Labour party coalition government thought it necessary.

Especially when, the only beneficiaries of this likely legislation will be the Labour party?s very own financiers and leadership decision makers ? the unions ? the other side to the Labour party coin.

Now call me cynical, and I really don?t want to be rude and offend, but? it seems Kiwis are about to lose some of our individual sovereignty, mandated and enforced upon us by this upcoming Socialist legislation, to benefit and enrich the Union movement and the related-party beneficiaries as well as the?authors of the legislation, the Labour party.

Have you ever smelled seafood that?s been left out in the summer sun for 5 days?

And yes, this might sound a bit melodramatic, but lest we forget the example of New Zealand?s Energy centre, Taranaki and the calibre of that rash decision and how it still stands today. Woke yet?

Remember, these clowns have been planning and plotting these fundamental, structural changes for years starting with Robertson fumbling the ?Future of Work? thing they crowed about for months. Although, after years of hard-hitting research and countless cost to long-suffering taxpayers everywhere, we do have Robertson to thank for sharing and illuminating the wisdom that the future of work is ?Automation.? Atta-boy Grant, we wouldn?t have known that without you. Give yourself a gold star for participation.