Still need convincing that Whale Meat is simply the best?

Do you still need convincing that the meat from The Whale Meat Company is simply the best meat available in New Zealand?

Your first step should be to read our un-solicited testimonials from people just like you, who enjoy a good feast of premium meat.

Our meat is true restaurant quality and more importantly delicious. Our bacon is to die for and a pack of bacon is included with every order. Why? Well everything tastes better with bacon.

Still don’t believe me? This is the meat I eat. I refuse to buy any other.? ?

Not convinced yet? Well read this email then. It came in yesterday and I just have to share it with you: Quote:

I have some experience with meat. 25 years of managing butcher shops across many locations.

I like to think that I know good meat, but sadly, seeing it is all too rare these days.

When I opened my Whale Meat box I was impressed with the colour, marbling and trim detail.

The steaks were just what a good steak should be. The bacon was so tasty and didn’t shrink to nothing when I cooked it.

I am sure those sausages were made by my grandad, to his dads recipe.

I can’t wait to tuck into tonights stew!!

Thank you guys for returning my faith in the meat industry. Looking forward to next weeks box!

Cheers, Dan. End quote.

Don’t listen to me, even though I have personally crafted these meat boxes for your meat eating pleasure. Listen to my customers.?

Order now, and eat like I do.

You don’t realise just how crap supermarket meat is until you try our meat. Trust me you will never go back.