Suckers trap and you all fell for it

Well, not Whaleoil readers of course, all those other virtue-signalling wombles out there who thought social media tweets and likes were scientific evidence.

RadioNZ reports: Quote:

The Environment Ministry has come under fire for not having more information about how much plastic there is in New Zealand’s oceans.

Today the select committee for the environment heard from officials about what they know about the depth of our plastic problem.

Ministry official Tanisha Vithal told MPs it was hard to know if plastics in the water come from New Zealand, or from other countries.

“Once it’s in the ocean it circulates to all of our shores not just us, so to monitor that type of plastic it depends also what type of state we get it when it comes to our shores. The only way to really segregate that out is to look at the logos.” End quote.

So, we’ve all gone without plastic bags because fuckwit virtue-signalling people and corporates want to save turtles that aren’t even at risk and there appears there isn’t even a problem in New Zealand and there is certainly no evidence to prove it. Quote:

The environmental charity Sustainable Coastlines had been running large scale beach clean ups over the last nine years.

Its general manager Ryley Webster said his group was working with the Ministry for the Environment to develop a nationwide database of litter on beaches.

“We’re working with them over the next three years to develop that methodology to go around the country and help groups understand it, and get on board with it.”

New Zealanders could not afford to leave the problem to the Ministry to deal with, Mr Webster said.

Meanwhile, more than 4000 people have made submissions on the government’s proposed phase-out of?single-use plastic shopping bags.

The submissions have not yet been assessed. End quote.

What a bunch of cock-wombles. Even the activists have no data. Great, we’ve just changed our shopping experience for a problem that doesn’t even appear to exist. This is why I despise companies who cave to social media campaigns.