Supermarkets want their baskets back


Newsie reports that there must be a lot of Whaleoil readers in the Orewa area. quote:

Countdown has put out a call for customers to return any green shopping baskets that they have taken home, so that they can be made available for other shoppers.

A consequence of removing single use plastic bags from Countdown supermarkets in Orewa and Silverdale last month has been that some customers who forget to bring reusable bags are taking the green plastic baskets home with them instead. end quote.

This is what is known as the law of unintended consequences. Instead of saving a small fortune by not giving away free plastic shopping bags, supermarkets are now having trouble keeping track of their green supermarket baskets, and it looks as if they are going to be paying a lot more to replace them if the current trend continues. quote:

A Countdown spokesperson says the company is aware of baskets going missing since the removal of single-use plastic carrier bags.

They would not say whether or not the problem is occurring only at the Hibiscus Coast supermarkets.?However, shoppers and staff at Orewa Countdown say the problem is significant and that there have been days when there have been very few, if any, green baskets left in store since the plastic bag ban came into effect, on August 13. end quote.

I love it when a plan falls apart spectacularly. quote:

A Countdown spokesperson says that having people take the baskets is disappointing, but the supermarket understands that ?sometimes change can be tough?. end quote.

No. It is not that the change is actually tough. It is more that this is majorly inconvenient, and for no particularly good reason. I mean, when you walk down a suburban street and see this, you really do wonder what it is all about.

These are bags full of weeds or grass clippings. Sure, the contents will decompose brilliantly. But if the bag goes into the landfill, it will take a long time to break down. The supermarket single-use’ plastic bags were thinner and broke down more easily. That is the ridiculous part. quote:

?We encourage customers to bring back any baskets they have so that we have these available for other shoppers,? the spokesperson says. ?The majority of customers are bringing their own reusable bags and we?d love to thank them for being so supportive of our move to rid New Zealand of millions of plastic bags each year.? end quote.

They mean they really want to thank their customers for saving them large amounts of money each year. That is really what this is all about.

So well done, Whaleoil readers for heeding the call and taking home the supermarket baskets in place of plastic bags. As I have suggested before, they make great beer crates. They are also quite handy to keep in the boot of the car, to take home small items. They have a myriad of uses.

You could even return them to the supermarket if you feel that way inclined.

I never realised that so many Whaleoil readers lived in Orewa. Maybe you should organise a separate Whaleoil group that meets for coffee or drinks all of your own.

Keep it up, guys. And remember – green is good!