Support for Labour Peters out


It really has not been a great week for Cindy.? Stuff now reports that support from NZ First for the Industrial Relations Bill may be petering out. Quote.

NZ First leader Winston Peters will not guarantee his party’s support for the Government’s controversial industrial relations bill, saying it is still a “work-in-progress”.

Peters did not directly threaten to withdraw his party’s support for the bill, but signalled there was still room for negotiation between the Labour and NZ First on it.

The Employment Relations Amendment Bill is Labour’s flagship employment bill, and has drawn a sustained campaign of criticism from business groups.

The bill would end the 90-day trial for all large businesses, bring back legislated real and meal breaks, allow greater union access to workplaces, and force employers to accept multi-employer collective agreements (MECAs) if their employees wanted them.

Labour MPs are adamant the legislation basically returns industrial policy to where it was prior to the last National government’s changes.

On the other hand, National MPs and business groups have said it would take New Zealand back to the 1970s.

The bill has just come back from the Education and Workforce Committee, with the majority endorsing the bill with some minor technical changes.

NZ First have an MP on that select committee, but he did not endorse the National Party’s minority report on the bill, which heavily opposed it.

However, Politik reported on Tuesday that NZ First MPs were considering pushing back against the bill.

Peters said the Politik journalist had been interviewing his keyboard on his way into the House on Tuesday, but Peters failed to clearly endorse the bill despite being asked several times.

“Of course, if it is a Government bill then it will be dependent upon what happens in the select committee in regard to the submissions that were made,” Peters said.

“I know that this is a work in progress, it always has been. We’ve always had regard for all the submissions. In the fullness of time you will see how a coalition government works.”

He pushed back at any assumption that just because the Bill had passed Cabinet before going to a first reading it was settled Government policy.

“I want to remind you there are four aspects which begin with the coalition agreement, then the 100-day work-plan, then the speech from the throne, and then the budget – otherwise everything else is a work-in-progress.”

Workplace Relations Minister Iain Lees-Galloway said the bill was not a work in progress. End of quote.

Peters says it is a work in progress, Lees-Galloway says it isn’t.? Sounds like a united coalition to me. Quote.

There’s always conversations going on, but at this stage the bill has been reported back from select committee and the next stage is in second reading.” […] End of quote.

And that my friend is the whole problem with this CoL.

153 and counting “conversations going on” about anything and everything.? All because of nine years of neglect(ing to do any thinking when in opposition.)