Teaching kids to hack their bits off for the revolution

Caption: The rainbow sheep line up to be knackered by creepy Marxist shepherds.

My Mum used to ask me, ?If your friends all jumped off a cliff, would you do it, too?? Well, duh: of course I would have. Teenagers are stupid like that.

Teenagers are brainless sheep, as every marketer knows. This has been obvious since at least the 18th century, when Goethe?s literary smash-hit, The Sorrows of Young Werther, ?inspired? a wave of youngsters to ape the novel?s hero by putting bullets through their flabby, undeveloped brains. Teenagers, writes David Cole, ?are tiny-brained, feebleminded followers who rarely think things through and have not yet grasped notions like ?consequences??.

The same lemming-like stupidity that bars teenagers from a raft of adult privileges and responsibilities also makes them uniquely pray to the manipulations of advertisers and sleazy political hucksters. It?s no coincidence that socialism is mostly a creed of the very young.

It?s unsurprising, therefore, that the most creepy modern excrudescence of contemporary rockspider Marxism is systematically grooming our kids. Quote:

The introduction of Gender Theory programs in schools has ?coincided? with an unprecedented increase in children seeking Transgender treatment.

The Gender Service at the Royal Children?s Hospital in Victoria has seen a 200% increase in patients. The UK and USA (where Gender Theory programs in schools have been running for a bit longer) have seen a 4,000% explosion of kids identifying as Transgender.

?Safe Schools? was introduced to Australian schools?[and] teaches children that their gender is fluid and that they were ?assigned? a gender at birth. End of quote.

It should be even less of a surprise that ?Safe Schools? was concocted by a skeevy network of Marxist academics. One openly proclaimed that ?I teach them how to be gay and communist?. Another was the author of a series of skin-crawling articles, gushing that ?kissing and fondling kids are immensely pleasurable activities?and it is not uncommon to be sexually aroused by that closeness?. Dowsett has also lisped about ?intergenerational sex?, and whined, ?Why do we need an age of consent at all??

These are the people that the socialist government of Victoria thought should be given license to tell kids to mutilate their bodies for Marx. Quote:

Recent peer reviewed research into Rapid Onset Dysphoria (conducted by Lisa Littman from the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences at Brown University School of Public Health) reported clusters of friends self-diagnosing as Transgender following exposure to websites and discussion groups that ?encourage vulnerable individuals to believe that nonspecific symptoms and vague feelings should be interpreted as gender dysphoria stemming from a transgender condition.?

One example included: A 12-year-old natal female (who) was bullied specifically for going through early puberty and the responding parent wrote ?as a result she said she felt fat and hated her breasts.? She learned online that hating your breasts is a sign of being transgender. She edited her diary (by crossing out existing text and writing in new text) to make it appear that she has always felt that she is transgender.? End of quote.

Correlation, of course, does not necessarily equal causation, but the fact of social contagion is well-established. Journalists are forbidden from discussing suicide in any detail at all, because, just as 18th-century emo fops blew themselves away in imitation of a bestseller, media coverage triggers waves of ?copycat suicides?.

When promulgation of a bizarro ideology is so demonstrably linked to outbreaks of mental disease among impressionable teenagers, prudence would dictate slamming a kibosh down on the clammy-palmed Marxists, rather than doubling down and actually encouraging lemming-like adolescents to poison and mutilate themselves. Quote:

Associate Professor Telfer, who oversees the gender service at the Royal Children?s Hospital in Victoria, believes ?top surgery? needed to be considered by the children?s hospital. End of quote.

?Top surgery? in the grand tradition of Marxist euphemism, actually means, ?hacking off adolescent girls? still-growing breasts?. Quote:

And what happens when vulnerable people undergo painful surgeries, mutilating their healthy bodies and it goes wrong? End of quote.

Why then they go the ?Full Werther? and top themselves. All overseen and approved by the state, of course. Quote:

?Verhelst was born the only daughter in a family of three boys, and admitted that he had been ?the girl that nobody wanted.? He first had hormone therapy in 2009, followed in 2012 by a mastectomy, and finally surgery to construct a penis.?

Just before being euthanised, Verhelst said ?My new breasts did not match my expectations and my new penis had symptoms of rejection. I do not want to be a monster.? End of quote.

Not that Marxists care. History has shown that Marxists have no qualms about sacrificing a child or million in order to destroy ?bourgeois morality?. Mao?s monstrously offhanded remark about ?cutting off a finger? applies to genitalia as well, apparently.

You can?t make an omelette without ripping out a few ovaries, after all.