That’s not really going to help our exporters now is it Cindy?

Jacinda Ardern seems hell bent on insulting Donald Trump and the US. She is signalling firmly that she is in bed with terror-sponsoring nations and soft on drug crime, all to stick pins in Donald Trump’s eyes.

None of that is going to help reconcile our trade differences, which remain unresolved despite assurances to the contrary by the princess and her trade minister. Quote:

Donald Trump’s arrival in New York for a United Nations gathering will highlight the growing distance between New Zealand and the US as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern reaffirms New Zealand’s support for the Iran deal and rules out signing up to the US President’s global war on drugs.? ?

Both issues are expected?to dominate the UN general assembly attended by more than 130 world leaders.

Trump is expected to address the assembly on Tuesday and Ardern will speak later in the week on Thursday, US time.

With the US poised for critical mid-term elections, Trump will likely use the UN as a platform to appeal to a domestic platform, meaning there is little chance of any back down from his hardline on issues including Iran, Syria, and an increasingly?protectionist agenda on trade.

Advisors to the US president have signalled he will also push foreign leaders to take a stronger stance agains the global drug trade, and he will kick off his appearance at the UN with an event tied to his global call to action on the world drug problem, a document that the United States has been circulating to UN member states to sign.?End quote.

All of which our little virtue-signalling princess is opposing. That will not help solve the tariff issue for our steel and aluminium industry one little bit.?Quote:

Countries have been promised an invitation to the event if they do, and an opportunity to participate in a group photo with Trump.

Ardern has confirmed, however, that New Zealand won’t be signing up – a move that aligns us with a number of other European countries.

“It’s not our intention to and there are number of other countries that haven’t either,” she said.??End quote.

The US has made their position clear. You are either with them or against them, and if you are against, expect access to their markets to become more difficult.?Quote:

Ardern’s stance that New Zealand prefers an “evidence based” approach to drugs is a direct challenge to the US administration’s rhetoric on the issue, and it is not the only area where both countries are increasingly talking a different language. End quote.

Strange how she prefers an evidence-based approach to drugs, but there was no evidence for the plastic bag ban, the destruction of the oil and gas industry or for a positive impact from Twyford’s housing reforms. No evidence needed for those decisions, but evidence needed on drugs. Nice one.

Labour’s virtue-signalling is really just economic treason.