The campaign to make Paedophillia just another sexual orientation

I was at a buddies place Sunday night. The tv was on and while he and I were catching up his wife was watching a programme about three guys who had been sexually abused. It was on TV One. As I watched them all watching it, I thought hmmm, where is this going and then at the end there it was.

The show ended with an editorial comment along the lines of we need to understand pedos, and let them come forward and talk about their sexual preferences without fear of prosecution etc etc.

So there it is. The whole programme, under the guise of these three guys facing their sexual abuse, was in fact, about normalising it. Making it an acceptable sexual preference. Because according to the programme, pedos are not bad people just poor wee misunderstood poppets, who if they can just get into groups and talk about it will stop interfering with your kids. I think getting pedos into groups has been tried in the UK. they are called rape and grooming gangs.

Give me a break!


by Waldo Pepper?