The confusion inside Golriz’s head

Green party list MP Golriz Ghahraman

It must be really difficult being Golriz Ghahraman. She is the Green spokesperson for human rights, immigration, customs, disability, trade, defence, security and intelligence to name a few. It is an enormous responsibility for someone so young and so inexperienced to be the spokesperson for all of those things. No one can deny that she does a great job.

For the moment, let us concentrate mainly on her roles in defence and also security and intelligence, which are very significant areas in themselves.

Remember this photo?

List MP Golriz Ghahraman at yet another protest

Do you not think it is somewhat strange for the Green Party spokesperson for security and intelligence to be protesting about spying outside the Waihopai base in Blenheim? She must be a bit confused, I think.

Do you not also think that the Green Party spokesperson for trade should not be protesting with people who are clearly anti trade, wearing ‘TTP Free’ T-shirts? Is she confused?

Do you not think it is strange that the Green Party spokesperson for immigration should be so openly against issuing visas to people who have no criminal convictions, like Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux?

Yet she is fully supportive of granting a visa to a convicted criminal?

Even though Australia denied Manning a visa but granted them to Southern and Molyneux? She is confused over that as well.

Golriz is clearly confused when she supports Chelsea Manning, who?was convicted by a court-martial in July 2013 of violations of the?Espionage Act?and other offences, after disclosing to?WikiLeaks?nearly 750,000 classified, or unclassified but sensitive, military and diplomatic documents,?and was imprisoned between 2010 and 2017. This person did not merely expose war crimes. This person put the safety and security of thousands of military and intelligence personnel in jeopardy by her actions. Manning was charged with 22 offences, the worst of which was aiding the enemy, which could possibly have resulted in a death sentence.

Let us just remind ourselves what ‘truth to power’ really means.

Speaking truth to power?is a political tactic, employed by dissidents against the propaganda of governments they regard as oppressive, authoritarian or an ideocracy. Governments like that of the United States of America.

Really? The government of the USA is oppressive or authoritarian?

I think Golriz is confused again. She does have a history of standing up for people who commit war crimes, though, so maybe she is just confused over that too.

As Green Party spokesperson for Human Rights, she also stands up for free speech. She strongly disagreed with Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux coming to speak here because they were ‘right wing hate mongers’ even though they had done no harm. But she supports Chelsea Manning’s right to free speech because… well, she just does.

But then Golriz is clearly somewhat confused over human rights altogether.

Tampons are a human rights issue? Really, Golriz?

So, to sum up:

The Green Party spokesperson for security and intelligence, and trade protests against spying and the TPP.

The Green Party spokesperson for human rights protests against the free speech of ‘right-wing hatemongers’.

The Green Party spokesperson for immigration and for security and intelligence wants two people without criminal convictions barred from the country but is happy to grant a visa to a convicted criminal who could have faced the death penalty for ‘aiding the enemy’.

I think her bias is showing just a teensy little bit in some of these things.

We should not have activists involved in matters of trade, immigration, defence or security and intelligence. They simply cannot control their extreme views enough to be able to do a good job in any of those areas.

But don’t worry about Golriz. She is just a little bit confused.