The left haven’t been this triggered by cartoons since Charlie Hebdo cheesed off the ragheads

Caption: In 2018, it is expressly forbidden to do anything but fawningly grovel to “POC”.

The Ayatollah Khomeini famously scowled that ?there is no humour in Islam?. There?s even less to laugh about in the sourpuss universe of contemporary ?woke? leftism. Authoritarians never can stand mockery, because, as Orwell said, ?every joke is a tiny revolution?.

One thing the cat?s-bum-mouthed of the left really can?t stand is the mockery of anyone belonging to one of their favoured intersectional victim-groups. So, when an Australian cartoonist caricatured the ugly temper-tantrums of the monstrously privileged Serena Williams, the Twitter-left went ballistic. Quote:

The cartoonist at the centre of international outrage over his depiction of Serena Williams? US Open meltdown has defended his work saying he doesn?t feel he did ?anything wrong?.

Mark Knight, a cartoonist at The Herald Sun, told Sky News this evening he was saddened by public criticism regarding his portrayal of the tennis champion?s US Open defeat on Sunday??I drew it not intending to comment on gender and racial politics in America, so I don?t feel bad about it.?

?It was a cartoon about sport and bad behaviour on the tennis court.? End of quote.

Of course, it was, but the vinegar-faced inquisitors of the left are so steeped in their own peculiar racial bigotries that they can?t see anything but race. So, a cartoon can?t be a caricature of a famous black sportswoman: it just has to be ?waaacist?. When Knight drew a cartoon of rioting African gangs that could have been directly traced from news photos taken in Melbourne?s CBD, the left screamed about ?racism?, as usual.

Caption: Just look at this cavalcade of racism.

Cartoonists mockingly exaggerate the features of their subjects. Knight drew Tony Abbott as a jug-eared pinhead. Cartoonists regularly depicted George W. Bush as a monkey. That?s what cartoonists do. Quote:

When asked whether his depiction of Williams was harking back to the racist stereotypes used in the infamous Jim Crow caricatures of the early 20th century, Knight vehemently disagreed.

?No, when you caricature somebody you take their facial features and you emphasise them,? Knight said. ?Serena is an amazing athlete, an African American woman and a very powerfully built woman.

?She?s a lot of fun to draw and I didn?t draw her with malicious racial intent.? End of quote.

The comparison to old Jim Crow imagery is a basic logical fallacy: the Association Fallacy. The fallacious argument runs like this: Tom is a cat; Tom is grey. Sylvester is a cat: therefore, Sylvester is grey.

The fault in this logic is glaringly obvious. Just because some swivel-eyed leftist wearing race-goggles thinks Knight?s cartoon looks like some old racist ?Sambo? image (which it doesn?t), it doesn?t logically follow that Knight is likewise racist. The race-baiters need to prove racist intent on Knight?s part: which they can?t. So they just shout and scream and bully instead. Quote:

The cartoon drew condemnation from Twitter users ranging from Harry Potter author JK Rowling, Australian NBA star Ben Simmons and Yassmin Abdel-Magied. End of quote.

So, the usual clown-show of Twitter leftist idiots. Why should anyone care what these virtue-signalling numpties think?

An even dumber argument is that Knight drew Naomi Osaka as a ?white, blonde girl?. Knight coloured Osaka with the same skin-tone as Williams. Here?s a side-by-side sample of the two tones. Spot the ?white? one. Knight also accurately drew Osaka having a dyed-blonde ponytail sticking out from under her visor. Which she does.

The claims that Williams was singled out for her bad behaviour, just because she?s a black woman were also blown out of the water by a gallery of cartoons mocking the behaviour of white and male players ? including by Knight himself.

Caption: This tidal wave of racism and sexism is truly triggering.

Worse, is when race-baiting Yank nobodies desperate for some attention try and foist seppo cultural neuroses onto Australia. Quote:

Dr Jason Johnson told Neil Mitchell on 3AW that the image reinforced historically negative stereotypes about African-American women??that?s not how that?s perceived in America. So even if someone doesn?t necessarily have malicious intent, it doesn?t mean that the impact isn?t problematic.? End of quote.

Well, this isn?t America. So, how about you keep your weird American obsessions to yourself and don?t try and browbeat Australian culture. Quote:

?I think these days ? you can?t criticise minority groups these days for poor behaviour, you just can?t go there,? [Kinght] said, ?but I?m a cartoonist and I comment on all topics because the Herald Sun is a broad church. End of quote.

Caption: When ultra-lefty bible, The Guardian, caricatured Condoleeza Rice, the left were notably silent.

Twitter user SokkahTwitter brilliantly satirised the whole idiotic kerfuffle: Quote:

What @Knightcartoons should have published to keep everyone happy in 2018 and paint a fair picture of the “truth”…. End of quote.