The Long March turned back, for once [UPDATED]

Caption: Hardcore Marxists at a GetUp! event. Sure, people like these should be allowed to sit in judgement of Australia’s press.

Since it was first formulated in the late 60s, the Marxists? Long March through the institutions has rolled on a course that has seemed as ineluctable as it is destructive. One by one, key civic institutions have fallen to the relentless white-anting by left-wing ideologues. Once the Marxist rot sets in, it seems to rarely be dislodged.

A rare win, no matter how small, ought to be celebrated. Quote:

The Australian Press Council has removed Carla McGrath as a member because her position as Deputy Chair of GetUp was ?incompatible with her continued role as a public member of the Council?, according to a statement from the Council. End of quote.

GetUp is the propaganda wing of the watermelons. Its campaigns are invariably aimed against the Coalition parties. The only variable is whether they shill for Labor or the Greens. Having an apparatchik of these greenshirt activists on a body overseeing the press in Australia was as outrageous as it was blatant. Quote:

?At its meeting in May, the Australian Press Council resolved that Ms McGrath?s position at GetUp created an ongoing and irreconcilable conflict of interest with her role on the Press Council,? the statement said. End of quote.

Not that leech-like activists ever go quietly. Quote:

?As Ms McGrath chose not to resign either from the Press Council or as an officer of GetUp, the Council further resolved to take steps in accordance with its Constitution to remove her as a public member?Her removal is understood to have been overwhelmingly endorsed at today?s general meeting, which was open to the 25 members of the Press Council as well as the 31 media companies that comprise the organisation?s constituent bodies. End of quote.

But the question still remains: how on earth was such a blatant conflict of interest appointment ever allowed to happen? Quote:

The Australian?s editor-in-chief, Paul Whittaker welcomed the Press Council?s ?belated decision?? to remove Ms McGrath but said it was ?beyond belief?? that she had been appointed in the first place.

?The chairman and the Council have taken the only sensible course of action they could have to restore the Council?s credibility as it is ridiculous that the deputy chair of GetUp was ever appointed in the first place,?? Whittaker said.

?How anyone, including current members of the Council, could have thought that appointing a leader of a strident left-wing political activist organisation to an independent press watchdog would be acceptable is beyond belief?GetUp is effectively another wing of the Labor Party and the Greens.

?GetUp?s deputy chair Ms McGrath will be sitting in judgment at the Press Council on complaints over contentious newspaper stories about important matters in the public interest such as mining, climate change, immigration and asylum-seekers ? all issues of which the organisation she represents has aggressively campaigned on from a Green-left position. End of quote.

Even with McGrath shoved out the door, the damage has been done. The then-chairman, who nominated McGrath, quit his post. A slew of newspapers, most notably The Australian, announced that they would be boycotting the Press Council?s adjudications. The reputation of the council will take a long time to repair.

Now for the Australian Electoral Commission to get serious, and register GetUp as an associated entity.

[Updated] An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that GetUp has charitable status. The reference should have been to the dispute over whether or not GetUp should be registered as an associated entity of a political party.