The #MeToo?s attempted castration of Kavanaugh

Judge Brett Kavanaugh?s hearing to be admitted to the Supreme Court started out as a circus thanks to Democrats trying to shut the whole process down.? Now it has become an all out lynching – and why not?? Kavanaugh is fair game under the rules of the #MeToo Movement, for he?s a straight, male conservative, which means he has a pair of balls and the whole movement of #MeToo exists to castrate men.? ?No Balls Allowed? should be their official tagline.? ?

Let?s be really clear about this.? There is only one victim in this low and filthy debacle, initially set into motion by senatorial shrew Diane Feinstein.? The victim is Kavanaugh.? His accuser, Dr. Christine Basley Ford, who had a suppressed memory resurface in a psychotherapy session, is wielding a powerful weapon that modern men deeply fear: a sexual assault allegation.? Dr. Ford ?didn?t tell anyone about the incident until a therapy session with her husband in 2012.? The alleged incident happened when she was 15 years old and at high-school, though nobody has been able to corroborate her story.

Deborah Ramirez, the second woman to lay an accusation of sexual assault, claims that while she was incredibly pissed during a drinking game at university, Kavanaugh flashed his penis at her.? Ramirez, ?who is fifty-three, attended Yale with Kavanaugh, where she studied sociology and psychology. Later, she spent years working for an organization that supports victims of domestic violence.?? Nobody has corroborated Ramirez? story.

So, after Brett Kavanaugh?s judicial confirmation hearing, which was a rowdy process of hours and days of questions over the constant interruptions of belligerent Democratic senators, what are we left with? A delay before voting which hangs on the say-so of two women: one with a repressed memory from high-school involving being pinned to a bed by a male student, and another who?s trying to remember a rather naughty incident through the veil of a drunken haze at university.? They?re demanding a full FBI investigation into these matters, even though Kavanaugh has already had six FBI background checks done on him over the course of his career.

Neither Ramirez, nor Ford considered that what had happened to them all those years ago was egregious enough to lodge a complaint with either the police, their educational institutions or their parents.? Ford failed to ever mention it to anyone, not even her girlfriends, until her regressive memory session in 2012.? But somehow now, in the cultural climate of #MeToo, these women?s accusations are enough to potentially end a good man?s career as a judge.? Welcome to female tyranny where facts don?t have to be established as character assassinations are enough, and victim status, or being seen to represent victims, is the quickest route to fame.?

Take Michael Avanatti for instance, the lawyer who represented porn star Stormy Daniels.? He?s now claiming that he has ?explosive information? from a woman he is now representing with some story that?Kavanaugh, his friend Mark Judge, and others targeted women with drugs and alcohol ?in order to allow a ?train? of men to subsequently gang rape them??at house parties in the early 1980s.

Ford?s story was first told in confidence to Senator Feinstein via a letter back in July of this year, but Feinstein, trying to be the clever cat, used the information when it was clear that Kavanaugh would probably be confirmed as the new Supreme Court Justice.? Ford?s story was then splashed about the media with a threateningly brazen air of daring anybody to cast doubt on its veracity.? To doubt her story is to vice-signal to the world that you?re an evil, callous person for ?not believing the pain of a woman?s sexual assault.?? #MeTooers have an infantile habit of placing a female ?victim?s? feelings miles above the effort of establishing any facts.

As far as the Democrats are concerned, Kavanaugh is guilty of sexual assault with no due process even needed for folks to arrive at that serious conclusion.? They?ve already come out and said that they believe the women. Every single spokesperson, from the Whitehouse to the Senate, to all the media commentators on air, gingerly tippy-toed on eggshells around these women with the exception of Mark Levin and President Trump.

Levin put it best: Quote:

?Why shouldn?t I believe Brett Kavanaugh?s denials? Why should I believe his accusers? It?s Brett Kavanaugh who?s the public man. It?s Brett Kavanaugh who chose to be a public man. It?s Brett Kavanaugh who acceded to six FBI background checks.? End quote.

That?s right.? Six.? Now these women come forward, aided by Democrat senators and sleazy lawyers, just as Kavanaugh?s about to be confirmed for SCOTUS?? None of this bothered them before when he was a U.S Circuit Judge?

In just two weeks we?ve watched as Democrats organised for Kavanaugh to be outrageously protested and abused during his confirmation hearing to now watching them orchestrate the makings of a case that Kavanaugh was involved in drugging, boozing and lining up young women to be gang raped by men.? Yeah right. The Kavanaughs are hardly the Clintons.

This has now gone from the ridiculous to the absurdly preposterous.? It has the mendacious stench of an #MeToo ritual castration all over it.? Remember! No Balls Allowed.