The Minister of uhms and ahhs has?ahhh?uhmm?resigned?by Gmail?

Melissa Lee has got her scalp. Clare Curran,?The Minister of uhms and ahhs has?ahhh?uhmm?resigned. A newspaper?reports:? Quote:

Under-fire Clare Curran has quit as a minister.

She becomes the first casualty of the coalition government.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said in a radio interview with Newstalk ZB recorded at 8am this morning that Curran’s job was safe.

But it has now emerged the errant minister told Ardern last night that she would quit – and Ardern accepted her resignation.

“Clare Curran contacted me last night to confirm her wish to resign as a minister and I accepted that resignation,” Ardern said today.

“Clare has come to the view the issues currently surrounding her are causing an unacceptable distraction for the Government and immense pressure on her personally.

“I agree with her assessment that resigning is the best course of action for the Government and for her.”

Just this morning Ardern had said?Curran’s job was safe. End quote.

Did she resign via Gmail?

Ardern is going to have plenty of questions to answer given her stupid comments this morning. She’s now confirmed that Curran offered to resign last night so what promoted this fool of a prime minister to make that statement this morning?

The PM endorsed her this morning and now she’s gone? What happened?

Jacinda Ardern is showing a distinct and profound lack of judgment.

Who would ever have thought that Melissa Lee would claim the first scalp?