The unexpected hero of FreeTommy: Facebook!

Caption: Karel Baloun, Facebook’s first senior software engineer, lent unexpected support to alternative media and the FreeTommy movement.

History is replete with incidents that sparked revolutions after years of growing tension. People suffer ever more enormities from the ruling more or less quietly, until something serves as the focus for all their pent-up resentment.

When Rupert Murdoch said, in the mid-90s, that communications technology threatened the rule of despots by undermining their control of information, the overwhelmingly leftist arbiters of Western good taste sneered. Never mind that Arthur C. Clarke had said the same thing a decade earlier. Then the Arab Spring happened. Whatever the claims of over-excited pundits, social media didn?t cause the Arab Spring. Instead, it played another vital role: it let the rest of the world what was happening on the ground.

The same is happening in Britain now, and Tommy Robinson is the spark that is firing up the long-suffering working class. Then along came the unlikeliest hero imaginable for the FreeTommy movement: Facebook. Quote:

There was an online and street revolution in Britain this summer?after right-wing activist and citizen journalist Tommy Robinson was jailed by the British state for reporting on the trial of a Muslim grooming gang.

The working-class wake-up call came after Tommy was jailed for thirteen months after being in ?contempt of court? although Mr Robinson was arrested for ?breaching the peace? whilst streaming live to 10,000 people on Facebook, following his arrest the video was seen by over half a million people ? he was later released on Bail and his jailing was proved to be a ?Kangaroo Court.? End of quote.

As Murdoch and Clarke predicted, the threat to the establishment was the free flow of information, so the ruling elite went to extraordinary lengths to shut it down. In vain. Quote:

He was arrested and jailed for 13 months, all within the short space of five hours and the Judge Marsen QC imposed a ?Media Ban? meaning no British news outlets could report the case.

The shocking use of authoritarian laws by the British State sparked a furious backlash not just by his supporters but by people who even disagreed with Robinson and his political views. The main uprising came from ordinary working-class people across Britain?Flags of the union and England flew high and proud and the ecstatic crowd banded together and unified. End of quote.

Realising that they couldn?t quash the flow of information, the establishment desperately tried to discredit the rising movement. Quote:

The week following the Downing Street protest, the mainstream media tried to ignore the those angry at The Government. Online newspapers that did report it such as The London Evening and Metro and The Daily Mail (both owned by DMG) branded all the protesters ?far-right? racists and smeared them as drunken louts?

A poll calling for the release of Robinson was signed by over 500,000 people and BuzzFeed News teamed up with George Soros backed Hope Not Hate to pen an article calling for to DELETE the petition, branding it ?Racist.? ? A foreign left-wing media entity tried to silence 500,000 people.

News personality Piers Morgan, Blogger Guido Fawkes (named after a man who tried to blow up the British Establishment) sided with The Establishment [and] hit twitter to try to control the situation. They tweeted slanderous messages and smeared the #FreeTommy movement.

They called us ?knuckleheads? and ?knuckle-draggers.? Guido lost thousands of followers within hours. End of quote.

Then along came the unlikeliest hero of the FreeTommy movement. While Facebook is often rightly cast as a villain in the establishment war of free speech, when they play the hero for once, they must be acknowledged. Quote:

The establishment tried to silence us, they tried smear us, they tried to jail a man who spoke to us and spoke out against our the issues facing us, but?Facebook allowed us to voice our opinion?No longer did we have to rely on the Mainstream Media to tell a distorted story of our lives?We gave a voice to those who really deserve it. The working class people of Britain, and in a way that is all thanks to people like [Facebook senior software engineer] Karel Baloun, because without him?we would never be able to tell our story to the world. End of quote.