The Whale Meat Company is now open for business

Steak being cut

The Whale Meat Company website is now officially open.

The Whale Meat trial is over ? and we learned lots.

We learned that getting Whale Meat to a southern Oiler in Tuatapere was easier than getting it to Oilers in Auckland! The reason for this appears to be a failure of courier sized proportions and we learned that management, family and relations that get up and go, when the chips are down,? gets the deliveries through to Oilers around Auckland.??

Because of this courier failure in the Auckland delivery, a few of the Oilers who partook in the trial, could not partake in the meat. They were left salivating but orderless. We apologise for this and will make good with a new order or refund as we have arranged with you. We learned, that even under these trying circumstances Oilers are part of the family and all were gracious and supportive and we thank you all for that.

The good news is that we have now got unbiased feedback from the many oilers who tried the Whale Meat Packs. Everyone loved the quality and taste. See the comments below. We also had a great many suggestions for further meat packs or items for meat packs. Some of these improvements will be introduced over the next weeks.

Right now, after a fairly traumatic few days, we would like to thank all of those Oilers who ordered meat in our trial to test our systems and product. We are pleased to say that we are back online and ready for your orders.

But don’t believe us about our delicious, restaurant quality meat, believe those who have already tasted it:


“My son thinks Cam is a Meat God.”?– W.H., Dannemora


“We had stopped buying sirloin from the supermarkets because it?s tasteless, tough and rippled with gristle, and personally, I?d rather have a tough bit of rump as it has more meaty flavoured goodness. Enter the Whale Meat?Steak?and Bacon pack delivered to my door last Friday…

We had the?minute?steaks?last night, so tender that we had the whole slices on burgers and you could take a bite out of the cut no problem!

This morning was eggs benny with Mrs Soze?s homemade hollandaise sauce with eye bacon on inch thick toast… absolutely amazing… the bacon is juicy and tasty without being full of water.

And tonight? The pi?ce de r?sistance… A delicious, tender, juicy generous cut of Sirloin – buttocks cleansed, horns trimmed and waltzed gently through a warm room before landing on my plate with roasted carrots, pumpkin, beetroot, parsnip, spuds, fresh broccoli with blue cheese sauce and washed down with a Bin 555 Mmmmm… Shame I ate half my dinner before I took a photo that just doesn’t seem to do it justice… Me thinks Mrs Soze is a keeper!?– Keyser Soze


It’s funny because supermarket steak always comes out of the pack thinner, this seemed to get thicker… -W.H., Dannemora


Partying like it’s 1975! – W.H., Dannemora


I will? be ordering on a very regular basis ? my husband can?t stop exclaiming over the quality – R.K., Grey Lynn


The Whale Meat Company