The world is a better place with women leaders…

Meka cracking
Photoshopped image credit: Luke

CNN ?wrote this article in 2016, stating that it’s great for the world if we have more women leaders. quote:

From America to Britain to the United Nations, women are taking to the center of the political stage. At this week’s Democratic convention, Hillary Clinton was officially selected as the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, accepting the nomination with a striking video message that opened with a symbolic shattering of glass.

“When there are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit. So let’s keep going, until every one of the 161 million women and girls across America has the opportunity she deserves,” end quote.
Our very own Labour party decided to jump on the bandwagon and promised to have a quota of 50% women MPs, and also 50% female cabinet ministers when they were next in power.
So how is that working out?

This week, Jacinda Ardern stripped Meka Whaitiri of her ministerial portfolios. It seems that a woman’s compassionate touch does not apply in all cases, as Whaitiri has been accused of assaulting one of her staff.

Of course, this is the second female minister to be stripped of her warrants in only a couple of weeks, with the demise of Clare Curran, for not being ‘open and transparent’ about all of her meetings and e-mails.

What is it with women politicians and their damned e-mails?

So now we have only 4 female cabinet ministers, and Kris Faifoi has been forced to pick up some of the portfolios of the disgraced ministers, but he cannot be brought into cabinet because he is a man.

Can we stop with this charade, for goodness sake?

It is obvious that this ridiculous policy simply does not work in practice and it is time to front up and admit it.

I wish I could say otherwise, but I just can’t.

Wibble listed a few of our wonderful women leaders on Thursday in Backchat. It makes depressing reading. quote:

It’s not all women (#notall women), it’s just a few:

Cindy (the prime minister who does not know what GDP is)
Golly Gee (the human rights lawyer who defends Rwandan war criminals)
Meka Whaitiri (who beats up her employees)
Metiria Turei (who is a benefit fraudster)
Marama Davidson (who reclaimed the Cxxx word)
Eugenie Sage (who is determined to return us to the stone age)
JAG (the man-hater)
Clare Curran (who forgets meetings all the time)
Megan Woods
Jan Thomas (who hates Don Brash and free speech)
Nanaia Mahuta (Oh God)
Tracey Martin (who thinks Charter Schools are for dogs)

Nope, hardly any, OK sure, it’s actually the majority, but still…end quote

Did you see that? Neither Wibble nor I could think about anything bad to say about Megan Woods. Cool!

What can I say?

So, in the week that we marked 125 years of women’s suffrage, it is time to admit that women are equal to men, and stop all these ridiculous quotas forcing women into jobs that they are not capable of doing. It benefits no one, and it certainly does not benefit women. There is absolutely no evidence anywhere in the world that proves that women in positions of power are able to somehow make the world a better place. They don’t. Their more ‘compassionate, inclusive’ approach makes no difference.

Competent women will come up through the ranks, as will competent men. Can we not just go back to making appointments on merit, rather than gender?

After all, I’m still waiting for the call requiring a quota of 50% of sewerage workers to be women. I must have missed that one somehow.