Then the job has no purpose…

Derek Handley

Tom Pullar-Strecker thinks Derek Handley will be missing out on the CTO role he craved, after a sh*t storm of criticism was heaped upon Handley by top technology identities. Not even this Government is so tone deaf that they couldn?t hear the mounting concern that the top technology adviser to the government shouldn?t be a virtue-signaling internet marketer with a history of failed companies and angry investors.? ?

Shame really, if Clare Curran was the walking wounded that was going to implode, Handley would have been a zombie infecting the government with stupid ideas and meaningless waffle. He would have been a gift that would keep on giving.

Curran?s resignation was, from a political management viewpoint, a very necessary act of cauterising to stop a spectacular shambles on the floor of Parliament. Denying Handley the cruisey, self-promotion and travel role he so badly coveted was likewise an act of bacterial decontamination to end an infection of the government?s own making.

Full marks though to The Spinoff, who when inserting the blade between Handley?s shoulders, gave the world a most excellent quote about Handley to live on in cyberspace:? Quote:

?The general sentiment among those The Spinoff spoke to was that if the role is worthwhile, then Handley is not right for it ? and that if Handley is right for the job then the job has no purpose.? End quote.

Politics is full of unintended consequences. Someone who has assiduously and with calculated effect attempted to build a huge PR image of being a tech guru, has been savaged by the tech industry as a lightweight, and unfit for the role he so badly desired.